The Golden Rule

This is one you would hear oft repeated at our house.

“Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you.”

My kids recite it nearly daily, generally shortly after an intense, and unauthorize, boxing bout of epic proportions.

“Why don’t you hit your brother?”
“Cuz, I don’t want him to hit me *sniff*, *sniff*.”

Did you notice one thing though?  My admonitions tend to be after the fact.  Reactionary as opposed to proactive.

BAD Mommy!


My attitude was not a bright cheerful one today.  I started out fine, but as the day wore on, my attempt at cheeriness wore thin.

I caught myself thinking over the “Help!.  . .” talk.  I’ve been stressing too. . .

And I will admit to you that Jay and I have been in a nasty “trough” period recently.  This would be when a lot of people get divorced I suppose. . .

Hmmm, please note, I’m not talking bad about Jay.  I don’t want you to have that impression.  I’m simply describing a “state of being” in our relationship.  I’m not laying blame, for I’m wise enough to realize the blame falls equally on our shoulders.

Speaking of shoulders, I was standing looking out the back door and my shoulders were feeling incredibly tense, and I found myself wondering (to my shame) what I could do to con Jay into giving me a massage tonight.

Two things popped into my head almost simultaneously.  The first was this song:  Janet Jackson’s What Have You Done for Me Lately.

 The second was the Golden Rule. 

“Do unto others, [before] they do unto you.”

It occurred to me that I hadn’t offered Jay a massage in quite some time.  In fact, I haven’t offered up lots of things (get your mind out of the gutter people!) because we’ve just been “living”, and letting life take us where it would. . .

And we wound up on a slope, that was rather slippery, and we slid down.

Methinks, I’m sick of the “trough”, and I’m ready “ride the wave” again.

I need to be more proactive in my life.  Do you?


ETA: (and only cuz it’s funny)  Drew just looked over my shoulder and saw the title of the post. . .

“Mom, the Golden Rule is stupid.”
“Yeah, well if you went up to a girl and kissed her because you wanted her to kiss you. . .I’m thinking that wouldn’t go over well.”  (Let me stress this is from the viewpoint of a teen boy; the “you” was teen boy generic.)

I’m thinking he’s right, even though he blew the entire theme of my post!


2 comments on “The Golden Rule

  1. dena says:

    You have to love things from a kid’s POV!!

  2. Sunshine says:

    I think you are one smart cookie to realize it starts with you. That’s the first step to getting outta there and back into marital bliss! 😀

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