Schedule additions

I’m taking some time now to add some new schedules to the blog. . .so if pages are suddenly down, that’s why.  (Remember the pages like to go totally goofy whenever I try to add something new.)

First, I’m adding Prentice Hall’s Science Explorer-Earth Science.  I had it up before, but apparently last time I added things, I forgot to put it back on.

Then, I’m adding World Physical Geography by Brenda Runkle.  This one has taken me nearly a month to complete, and it’s not 100%.  Mrs. Runkle is adding a few more notes to it, so when that is done, I’ll put the new improved version up.  However, I did promise to get it up this weekend, so . . .Oh, but trust me when I tell you it’s MUCH improved over the original!

Oh, and I will be improving the Apologia Science schedules.  Not adding them to the blog today, but improving them and putting them up as they are done.  However, I will be starting with the General Science schedules rather than the elementary levels.

There are other things I thought to talk about, but I want to get these up first (so as to NOT break any promises).  I may get to the talkin’ later today, or maybe not. . .


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