It’s complimentary my dear

We (Jay, Drew, Tyler and I) are watching a video series on relationships (all sorts). 

(Hidden Keys to a Loving Relationship by Gary Smalley)

Jay and I watched 6 of the 18 sessions ages ago, but they struck a chord with me, and I’ve decided it wouldn’t hurt for the older two to watch this at least once before they leave home.

Anyway, last night was session 1.

You could tell right off that Drew was “not going to like it”; hadn’t even put the tape in when he made up his mind to that little bit.  Ah, the child is so much like me it’s scary.  He was really working then at about minute 20 to NOT laugh at the bits he found funny,  by minute 40 it was killing him to not make comments.  Have to give him kudos though, he made it through stoically upset that I had made him watch such a thing.

Yep, and I heard him talking to Tyler and laughing about it earlier this morning.

It’ll be up to Jay if we watch part 2 tonight, though I’ve heard from Drew and Tyler the request that it be watched before 9pm.

Not a single peep against it.  I knew they’d like it. . .

What was interesting is that session one is about “honoring”.  And what struck me THIS time (that’s when you know it’s good, when you watch it more than once and gleen something new from it each time), was the honoring of self.

Why would anyone do that? (my thought)

After thinking on it, why wouldn’t you?

Well, my answer for that, I suppose, would be that I don’t feel like I’m worth it. . .egads, did I just say that outloud?

It comes down to the simple fact that I, apparently, focus on the negative.  What didn’t I do this day?  In what way did I ruin some facet of my children’s lives?  What subject didn’t I get to?  How much time did I waste on the computer?  How dare I put such a semi-nutritional meal in front of my crew?  And, umm, we shan’t even go into the housework, or lack thereof, shall we?

In fact, I suspect if you were to come up to me, say yesterday, and ask me to list something I was good at. . .well, they probably wouldn’t be “positive attributes”.  I’m thinking I would have gone with “procrastinating”.

So, I’m sitting there last night, listening to this talk, and realizing I’m a failure in “honoring myself”.

Ha!  There’s another thing I’m good at (and it’s also another “negative attribute)!

But, it’s not just being positive about yourself, of course, but about being positive about others. . .

So, I’m going to go ponder this for a bit. 

And I’m giving all of you a homework assignment.  Give a compliment, to yourself; then, if that’s not totally taxing, give one to another.


2 comments on “It’s complimentary my dear

  1. Sunshine says:

    I told you! I told you! Haha! Now you’ve got outside confirmation so they’re right? LOL! 😀 At least you’re getting it now! I KNOW you ROCK! It’s about time you realized it too! 😀

  2. Jonnia says:

    I just stumbled in here while scrolling through the Sonlight blog ring. Just last night, I was organizing piles of old videos and music, and I came across my copies of this series. My thoughts were to have my oldest two children see these and maybe I should watch again! Reading your blog almost feels like confirmation – “YES, watch them again!”

    I do the same thing to myself that you do. Very hard habit to break.

    I enjoyed your blog, and I’ll peek in again.


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