just dashin’ off random bits

Someone on a forum requested this.  (Apparently, I put this in a “special” font on R&S 8 and her computer refused to read it, so here it is in “Times New Roman”.) 

Writing Evals (please let me know if you have problems “reading” it)


Oh NUTS!  I keep forgetting to do this!

Kathy, over at Restoration Place, had an excellent idea for the Botony book (plant dissection).  I asked for her permission to add it to the schedule, and she gave it to me, and I keep forgetting to upload the new schedule!

I’m sure she’s come to the decision I’m an extreme flake!

Anyway, as soon as I’m done typing here, I’m going to rectify that!

ETA:  This has been done!


Jay has been the victum of credit card fraud.  (That’s our breaking news for the day.)  Apparently, someone tried to buy a plane ticket yesterday using his card # from South African airlines (or somesuch), as well as purchasing some itunes.  Luckily the card company caught it, and flagged them (so we aren’t getting charged for it).


I downloaded my photos this a.m. but don’t really have time to sort and put up.  Have some really good ones, though.  I’ll try to get to them this weekend. 


We have company coming tonight, so I need to clean the house today.  Just some friends coming over to play games and gab.


Poor Jay, he’s just havin’ a bad day.  He ordered some “crush and run” delivered last Fri. and the boys and he pounded that down; then discovered it wasn’t enough, so he had to order some more.  When he did so he was told it could be delivered with the paving stone that’s to arrive today for an extra $10.  However, this a.m. he got a phone call from the company saying it had to be delivered seperately for a $40 charge.  He was already peeved as the company had told him how much to order, but they gave him the “pre-compressed” amount, and you have to pound that stuff into the ground (firmly packing it) in order to place paving stones on it, so it wasn’t enough.  He’s ticked because he can’t fathom why a company that deals in paving stones would not give the compressed amount rather than the pre-compressed amount, so he’s feeling as if he’s being “taken”.

Yet, he and the older boys are currently out there pounding down the extra crush and run as I type.  Based on his current mood, I’m thinking it’s going to be firmly compacted!  Hopefully he won’t need more.


I have finished 7 colors of my stitching (out of 45, remember).  I am almost done with #8.  I didn’t take “good notes” last year when I was working on this so I can’t recall where I was when.

Oh wait, I just went back to Dec. 9 of last year and I had 30 colors remaining!!!  Holy cow!  What on earth was I doing all last year?!  (So, I got those 30 colors done, plus all the detail work done – backstitching, french knots, etc – in ~35 days. . .not bad!)

Well then!  I’m making mighty fine progress if I do say so myself!


In the a.m. the sun hits right by my chair (where I am currently).  I have 3 cats and a dog currently vying to all camp out in the sun.  Katie, the oldest cat, is anti-social (obviously being “homeschooled” all her life has warped her 😉 ). So, she does not like sharing the sunshine.  The other animals (who have, coincidentally, also been “homeschooled” their entire lives), are all highly social, and couldn’t care less whether or not she’s willing to share. . .But they aren’t dummies, so they are all huddled together in one sunny corner whilst Katie has the majority of the sunlight.



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