short blips & pics!

Drew is currently locked (of his own accord) in his room fuming at me. He’s fuming because he’s grounded. He’s grounded because he failed to do a task I set for him yesterday — clear guidelines, clear deadline, PLENTY of time to complete the task. He decided he wouldn’t do it, and now he’s upset with me for his consequence. LOVE the “logic” of a child!


We’ve had some “weather” recently, so our internet has been “iffy”, at best.  I’ve got pictures though, and I’m going to try to get them up now.  Let’s see. . . I’ll try to organize these.


Okay, as you know, Jay has been working on fixing our garage.  First, he did some wall / support work, and then added the garage doors.  Then, we had a guy come do the floor of the garage. . .

. . . .more wall work. . .(Garrett and Mikhail just love “demolition”.)

. . .and then the boys helped Jay get the driveway ready to “brick”  (paving stones).

Jay prepping area

Tyler pounding “crush and run”

good idea to always have first aid kit handy. . . (Drew)

Jay laying paving stones. (I can attest to the fact these are very heavy!)

Needs a finishing sweep, but here’s the finished product.


Birthday faces. 

I had told you that we had a number of birthdays over the course of a weekend.  Lots of pictures from that, but I thought it might be best just to give you a look-see at the faces.  (Did ’em in black and white, just for fun.)

my wonderful father.

Yes, sweetie, that’s exactly how I feel about you turning 16!

Ha, ha. . . he thinks I jest!

cake and ice cram anyone? (Mikhail)

one truly needs to consider such things.

my beautiful mother.

wish I could crop out the cranky teens, but needed to include a picture of Garrett. 

(Actually, Drew was fine, but got ‘caught’ by a questionTyler was the pill.)


Moth (metamorphasis).


As I said, this little critter made himself right at home!

or, rather, made his home

sorry for the fuzzy photo, sadly this was the “best” of the bunch

I mentioned Elizabeth wanted to disect the cocoon.  Not one to stand in the way of education. . .

It was SO FUNNY listening to her!  “Ewwww!”  “That’s so COOL!”  “Oh, GROSS!”  “NEAT!”


Cross stitch.

I’m going to tell you something unbelievable!  I’m done cross-stitching!  Truly!


Hmmm, yes, okay, it’s not finished, but I am DONE with all the cross -stitches (wasn’t lying).  The remainder are all half-stitches (no “crossing” involved 😉 ).  Half-stitches are way more “mental” than full cross-stitches as you really have to plan out where to start and how to proceed in order not to create a mass of knots on the backside.

13 colors done!



One comment on “short blips & pics!

  1. Sunshine says:

    Love the pics! Hey! Where’d Tyler’s hair go?!

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