wouldn’t you know it

I was going to take a picture today of the cross stitch for a record of where I am.

Wouldn’t you know, I took a picture, almost exactly of the same thing, on Dec. 10th of last year!

I could send you back to look at it, but I’ll just repost it here.

This is where I am thus far.  (In fact, the only difference, between this picture and reality, is there are less mistakes in the current cross-stitch — you wouldn’t catch it, as you don’t have the pattern, but some of my brown is pointing the wrong way.)

Now, according to that post it took me 32 days (including the holidays of Christmas, New Years, and having company) to get this completed!

Could you imagine me being done with this thing in about a month???!

Nah, neither can I. . .

In fact, I was talking to my mom this a.m. telling her about this, and the dream I had last night.

I dreamt that I had finished the stocking by the beginning of August, and that I took said stocking to the pool to show some of the people I know there.  Well, something happened while we were there and the whole thing got ruined, AGAIN!

It was a nightmare!

I remember waking up and trying to determine if I would have time to complete a 3rd stocking in time for Christmas!


Tyler is heckling me about helping him build a website, so I’m off to give him a hand.  I say that here, so that my folks are aware and can feel free to drop in on his website at anytime and heckle him!  (insert evil grin here)


2 comments on “wouldn’t you know it

  1. Sunshine says:

    Great job on getting so much accomplished on the cross-stitch!

    So, what’s the website gonna be about?

  2. Katy says:

    I love the cross stitch! It reminds me of the book The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton. Love your blog! I’m gonna put you on my blogroll for sure!


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