Cleaning (again)

Can we just get up-front and say that I can’t STAND to clean?

No, really, generally when I’m cleaning I’m hunched over, on my knees. . .unless I’m vaccumming.  But, my vaccuum is getting it’s annual check-up.  I could use the old vaccuum downstairs, but one shouldn’t overwork one’s self, right?

Yesterday, I was able to get the downstairs picked up.  That took some serious doing, let me tell you!

Today, I’m going to work on the “pirate’s cove“, with the help of some of ‘me maties’.  They are thrilled, I can tell you. . .So thrilled, in fact, that I haven’t seen hide nor hair of them since I reminded them of this task.

This is only a portion of the chaos.  I took issue with not being able to take a single step without injuring my foot that a good portion got kicked under the bed or to the far reaches of the room.

As you may be able to tell the pirate ship apparently hit upon a storm yesterday, and crashed upon some rocks (breaking all to pieces). . .


I was sitting on the deck with Jay this morning, hiding from the kids enjoying the pleasant morning.  I took note of something so “manly” that I just had to share.

Look closely. . .that is indeed a nut and bolt holding his slipper together!  His rivet came out, and he decided to improvise. 🙂


Whilst outside, I also became aware that our rabbits have been busy again, and a new brood has emerged.  (Again, these aren’t pet rabbits; rather, “wild” ones.) 

Since I had the camera with, after taking pics of Jay’s shoe, I thought I’d try to get a couple of shots.  I went out into the yard and just sat still.

One little guy was willing to pose for me.

Awww, he’s so cute and barely taller than the grass (which was just mowed).  Too bad he’s going to grow up to be a menace to my plants!  Booger. . .



I’m off to tackle the secret places of pirates.  Hopefully, I will come out of this without being captured and made to walk the plank. . .

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2 comments on “Cleaning (again)

  1. Sunshine says:

    Good luck with your pirates’ cove. I gotta work on the dragon’s lair today or tomorrow, so I feel your pain.

  2. I see what you mean about the bunnies.

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