I’ve been talking about cleaning my house, when in reality all I’ve been doing is de-cluttering and picking up the mess (very little “cleaning”).

Anyhoo. . .

Left off with me about to tackle the pirates’ cove.  And seeing as I haven’t been on 2 days since, you may have gotten a bit concerned.  I know my folks called me yesterday to ensure I was still living. . .

Now, I showed you this picture:

making some comment about kicking some of the mess under the bed the night before.  HA!  and you all probably thought I was just exaggerating!  Here’s the real deal as we were bringing all the “pirate treasures” from their respective hiding places.

It was at this point I recalled that dust affects my allergies, so I had to run and grab some meds. . .

I believe it was at this point that I went for the extra-strenght Tylenol.  (My kids probably needed some too, but I wasn’t about to share!)

Yet, I was successful!  I prevailed!

YES!  And after this point, I hit this:

Okay. . .now if you are very astute, you would realize that it has foam on top. . .thus, indicating that this is simply “sparkling cider” rather than actual wine.  (That’s because wine does for me what an anesthesiologist does for a patient.)


My crew is pitching a fit right now, so I need to get off and get them to the pool before a full-fledged riot occurs.

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2 comments on “de-cluttering

  1. pars2go says:

    Wow! How nice it finally looks!

  2. Sunshine says:

    Oh, this post SO gives me hope! I still have yet to finish tackling J’s and lil’ A’s rooms! 😦

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