I really need to get off my duff

and do some stuff.

Catchy phrase, hmmm?  Not like that’s helping motivate me.

Jay took the older kids on a youth retreat, so I’m at home with just the younger two.  I thought it would be “easy street” as they were in VBS this past week, but that wound up not being the case.

Really the problem comes from the dog.  He gets walked 4 times a day.  That’s such a pain in my rear!  To top it off he’s missing his buddy, Tyler, and feeling neglected. 

Poor mutt — Garrett is trying to help out in this area

Anyway, anytime I have a moment to sit down and write here it seems it’s suddenly time to walk the dog again.  My day feels so “broken”.  Phhthbbbt!

Anyway, many of you know how I like to have WAHOOS! when Jay is away.  This trip is not shaping up to be very WAHOO-ish.  In fact, most of what I’ve done is on the computer (cleaning up files and such), so there’s not much impressive going on here.  Worse, our laptop’s CD drive has decided to die, and the upstairs computer is refusing to connect to the internet, and I can’t seem to fix either of them.

It has been hot and terribly muggy here too.  Actually, the heat isn’t bad (low 90s); it’s the humidity that’s a killer.  BLECH.

I have gotten some more work done on the cross stitch.  Let’s see. . .I think I’ll just show this year’s progression to date:

May 1st, just 3 colors done.

June 6th, all the “cross” stitching done.

As of now.  I have 20 of 45 colors done.  I’m getting sick of blues

Whew!  Thankfully, you can see a fair amount of progress!  I was afraid I was going to put the pics up and really not see much difference.  (Okay, maybe it’s just me, but I love seeing the changes.)

Oh, and right before Jay left, we discovered the van brakes need to be replaced.  (I heard a noise, and he looked at them and said they are worn down enough that something is wearing on the rotor. . .)  So, I’m in the “gold” car.  (My mother keeps telling me it’s green — variation of, but whenever anyone looks at it, they say things like, “Where’d you get the new gold car?” or, “I saw the gold car out front, are your folks visiting?”)  Anyhoo, it’s a good little car, but it “sits” low, and I find that awkward.  I’ll be in that car till Jay has time to fix the brakes on the van.

I want to remind myself of this.  It’s called Blurb.  You can make your own book from (as an example) your blog.  Isn’t that cool?!  Maybe this will be the impotice I need to start posting pictures more frequently, and then I could make it into a “year book” for the kids.

Okay, my two little guys are driving me nuts, so I think I shall take them to the pool where they can run with the other hooligans there.  (No, they actually have a nice group of kids they play with.)  But, and THIS is the important bit, they have no desire to hang around me at the pool!  Ahhh!  Peace and quiet. . . .

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One comment on “I really need to get off my duff

  1. Sunshine says:

    Too funny! You’re littles sure are getting BIG quite quickly! Or is that just me? As for the cross stitch, girlie you are ROCKING it! 😀 GREAT JOB! 😀

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