tag(s) — you’re it

Oh, I’ve hit a horribly quandry in the process of doing my LibraryThing catalog!

So, I’m tagging all of you to help me. . .with determining how to do my, er, “tags”.

“What are “tags”?” you may be asking.  Well, they are what (could possibly) save you a lot of time and grief.  If you have a smallish library, don’t care, and a fantastic memory, you probably wouldn’t need them.

However, if you have a largish library, a horrible memory, and it’s terribly important to you, that tags could save your life.

For example, let’s say I have a Saxon Algebra 1 book in front of me.  My “tag” would be, “Math Instruction”.  easy-peasy  Later on, when I can’t recall what I have for the little guys, I can plug in “math instruction” and I’ll not only pull up Saxon Algebra 1, but all the other books I put under that tag as well.

Handy, right?

Okay, now let’s say I have in front of me, The World of Capt. John Smith.

This falls definately under the “history” category, of which I have (at least) 5 tags:

  • Ancient History (→ 400AD)
  • Medieval History (400 → 1600 AD)
  • Renaissance History (1600 → 1850 AD)
  • Modern History (1850 AD →)
  • “American” History (??)  See, I’m having fits with this tag, but I’ll go into that in a bit.

The aforementioned book covers the years 1580-1631.  So, I would place it under Medieval, Renaissance, and “American” History.  Seems easy enough right?  Well, should I add another tag, like “biography”?  or possibly “England”.  And, this is technically a world history of that time period, so I could put a number of countries and people.  I mean I could get terribly specific, I suppose, but there is a point where being too specific is counterproductive.  And this is where I’m asking for your help.

But before we get to that, I need help with the whole “American History” tag.  See, I originally came up with “American” because of the fact that for our history of the US I plan to include stuff that happened before the US came into being.  Thus, deciding against the “US History” tag.  But, technically “America” is, well, rather “vague” given that you could claim 2 continents and innumerable countries under that heading.  So, I don’t quite know how to define it. . . the name or the date.  So, I need help with that too.  Maybe go with “US History” but back up the date to include all the stuff that happened to “create” the US?

And then there are books like this:

Sheep (Farm Animals) by Sharon Dalgleish

Exactly what tag would you put that under? 

Or FrankensteinGone With the WindRed Badge of CourageAll Quiet On the Western Front?  (Literature?  History? Both?)

And I have a number of books on very specific time periods, like the American Revolution.  Should I make another heading specifically for that?

As you can see, it’s truly a quandry!  This is why I’m asking for help.  And also the reason I only got 2 books inputted yesterday. . .Well, that and the fact that all the boys wanted to get on the computer for one reason or the other yesterday and kept me from it.

Arrrrgh!  Please help!

PS.  Ha!  Now, I can’t even decide what “tag” to file this bloomin’ blog post under!  (family?  Personal?  homeschool?  Possibly create a new one entitled “Insanity”?)

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One comment on “tag(s) — you’re it

  1. pars2go says:

    Well, you could have a “NOVELS” tag with subtags of classic, modern or American/European/others. Then you could have a tag for childrens books–by age, if necessary

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