One Word

Having had such good success with questions related to Physics (cough, splutter, spit!) our 16 yo, Drew, decided to wax philosophical.

“Mom, if you could think of one word to describe you, what would it be?”

. . .and these would be my immediate thoughts. . .

One word!?  Is he nuts?!  I don’t know that my vocabulary is large enough to narrow it down to one word. 
(look at clock)  Oh, where has the day gone?!
Darn, can’t use “Mom” because that’s too cliche and he doesn’t realize the full meaning of that word yet.
(looking back down at the to-do list in front of me) Awww man, I’m not even 1/2 done.
(thinking of all the other things I want to do with the kids — fun and exciting things)  I wanted to make cookies!
Man, I’m behind in my personal studying. . .for. . .oh, gee, isn’t it wonderful that the calendar was invented before my lifetime so I could know exactly how far behind I am?
Bummer, still don’t know what to make for dinner.  Of course, if I had done a menu, like I should, I would know these things.
Son is looking at me expectantly.  Why is he doing that?  Oh, that’s right, he asked a question and wants an answer. . .and the question was. . .
*think*think* think* (insert best Pooh imitation here)



(looking back at clock)  It’s only been about 1 minute.  Felt like a lifetime.

“Yep, I would have to say, that if I were to use one word to describe me it would be, ‘lacking’.”

“Wow, Mom, generally when you ask that question to people they take forever to answer.  I was thinking it was because they felt too “big” of themselves and were trying to come up with a word that wouldn’t make them seem so pompous.”

He starts leaving the room. . .

“Hey!  What one word would you say describes you?”

a pause

“I don’t know yet.  I haven’t finished reading the dictionary.”

movement toward the door again. . .then another pause. . .

“Oh, and Mom?”

“Yes, honey?”

“You should probably work on that “lacking” bit.  I can’t imagine it’s a positive thing.”

He vanishes from the room as I manage weakly, “Yes, dear.”

I am left looking at the half done to-do list, and the clock that says I only have a few hours left in the day.

“Hey, kids!  Who wants to help Mommy make some cookies?”



3 comments on “One Word

  1. Sunshine says:

    You know I really wanna lay into you on this one right?! Lacking my backside! You are WAY far from lacking! And me thinks your boy knows that too, or he wouldn’t have made said comment!

  2. Sunshine says:

    So, I’m seriously hoping you’ve found a much better word by now! 😉

  3. corefoundations says:

    It’s the word that fits, chica. . .Can’t change reality.

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