It’s that time of year again.

Actually, it always feels like it’s that time of year!

It’s time to start the planning.  Past time in fact, as I’m coming to realize.  I got all caught up in the little ones’ plans I forgot about the older two. . .

I know I have schedules that need to be done, but the planning needs to happen before the scheduling.

I’ve given it some more thought.  As I mentioned, Drew could technically finish highschool  this year.  He will have the credits.  However, I’ve decided I’m going to stretch it out a bit more.  It certainly won’t hinder him.  Even “keeping him home” for an extra year of school will have him graduating just before he turns 18.

Anyhoo, I’m seeing some areas of “growth” (maturity) that still need work in him, and there’s just no point rushing him out of the house just yet.

I had thought to encourage him to take some college classes this year.  Should he say he’d like to (I’ve previously mentioned it to him), then I will certainly allow him to.  However, he’s really not shown any interest, and thinking on it further I’m quite sure I have a full course load for him this year.

As I’ve mentioned before I’m working on an American History program for my youngers (Our Quilted Nation –isn’t it cool it has a name already?  😉 )  This need not be ready for 2 years yet, but after going through some things I’ve come to decide it might just take me that long.  Soooooo, I’m bumping Tyler into Am. History this year.  That way I can work on Am History with Tyler while I’m working through a program for the younger two.  Tyler wants to help create their program too.  I foresee lots of writing assignments in his future!

Then, of course, I have to finalize the plans for the younger two.  (Not to mention figuring out everything for the elders. . .)

So, that’s this week.  And to top it off, I have yet to do ANY work on the library thing!  NADA, ZIP, ZILCH!

Why?  Because I got stuck on the tags!  And because my house is a disorganized mess with books laying all over.

So, I have to work on that as well.  Lovely, hmm?

Good NEWS!  The younger two have VBS this week!  So, my mornings will essentially be free (‘cept Tues when I go shopping).

Wish me luck!

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One comment on “Planning

  1. Sunshine says:

    What library thing? The thing for the tags stuff? I guess maybe I should think about planning something, considering the “time” thing you and I talked about yesterday.

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