Well, I can’t really believe I’m doing this, but here goes. . .

John 6:1-13.  (I’m not one for Bible quoting, because I have a horrible memory for it.  The only reason you’ve got it here, is because I happen to have a handy-dandy cheat sheet in front of me.)

That was our sermon from this past Sunday at church.

To be perfectly honest I was spacing 90% of the time.  Which is really *sad*, cuz in general I really like our pastor.  He *speaks* well.  (Meaning, he generally grabs my attention and has me listening the entire time.)

But for some reason, my brain just wasn’t there on Sunday.

It was funny though, as when he said those versus (and the hint of a young, giving child), I knew the story of which he was about to speak.

So, for those you who may not know, or don’t care to look it up right now, I’ll give you the “Christine” version (homeschooling mom of 4 boys, remember) of this tale.

There was once a Teacher that decided to go for a walk. 

Many people saw the Teacher walking, and immediately thought to themselves, “Field Trip!”.  So, they dropped everything and followed.  (My kids would do this, for sure and certain. . .anything to drop the work.)

When they arrived at a comfortable spot, the Teacher sat down and looked at the masses.  Five thousand MEN were there.  The Teacher, being very wise, realized that to teach to these men, it would probably be best to feed them something first.  (This is a gift of wisdom passed on to women. . .)  Sadly, he did not have food upon him.

Now, there was a child that had joined this impromptu procession who had kept their wits about them.  Of course, no one will be suprised to learn that it was a boy that had sense enough to remember to bring his lunch.  (I’m guessing he was about 13 or 14.)  He offered ALL of his food to the Teacher.  (Of course, this little factoid probably makes his age more around 5-7, as I know few teenage males willing to give up even a portion of their food.)

The Teacher commanded the food (5 loaves of bread and 2 fish) be passed out.  In the end there were leftovers aplenty.  (Ha!  wish I could pull that stunt in my house!  So, would my grocery budget I’m sure. . .)

Remember that story?  (Okay, so I took some “creative liberties”, but I tried to stay true. . .)

So, anyway, the pastor goes into his sermon. . . and I go into la-la land.  (Ashamed to admit it, but it’s true.)

But, then near the end of the sermon he asks us to take out the paper lunch sack that we had been given upon walking in the door.

Does anybody even use these as lunch bags anymore?  Honestly, I thought they were now used only for craft projects for little kids. . .

Inside was a pen. . .

WAHOO!  Walking out the door that morning, I had been hunting for a pen.  Jay had been grumbling about how it is that we homeschool 4 children and can never seem to find a pen or pencil when we need them.  I’ve told him about the Gremlins that come in and re-arrange all things related to school (schedules, books, papers, etc.) that cause us to go on a daily rampage throughout the house in search of these items, thus wasting at least an hour of our day, and causing our home to look like a tornado hit it.  He never seems to believe me. . .

Oh, sorry, did I just sidetrack myself?  Hmmm. . .

Ahhh, yes, inside was a pen and a paper. . .

Wah. . ..nuts, it had writing on it. :0)  Tellin’ ya, those Gremlins are nasty critters!  Note to self:  run to store to buy more paper. . .


But the paper. . .that had my full attention.  I even confiscated Jay’s to bring home.

It was “short answer”; questions related to what you had to give (not financial).


As I said, I confiscated Jay’s page and brought it home.  I’m going to have my two teens fill it out, for themselves.  It was perfect for looking at what you have that you can offer to others.  It will be ideal for them to do one now, and one later (like a year or so from now).  I might add some things like, “how have you / could you bless(ed) others”.  But, it was an excellent starting outline.

One of my close friends also goes to this church, but she was sick on Sun, so I made a copy to give to her.  Even though, she wasn’t at service, I think she can benefit greatly from that questionaire.  I even gave her a lunch sack to place it in (wasn’t so giving with the pens though).  I figure we don’t have to do penguin puppets this year. . .

So, I encourage you, “What can / will you ‘bring to the table’ in your lunch bag?”

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2 comments on “Lunchbag

  1. Sunshine says:

    I think it’s great that you’re doing that with the boys! I still think YOU should fill one out too! 😀

  2. corefoundations says:

    You Goof! I did! That’s why I had to confiscate Jay’s. 🙂

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