Just the other day

I heard my drill sergeant say. . .(sang in best cadence tempo)


Last Monday, Garrett took the test at the pool to be allowed in the 12 feet.  He passed!  (wasn’t expecting that)

On Friday, the lifeguard jumped in to pull him out.

Now, in his “defense”, he apparently didn’t need “rescuing”.  The lifeguard just felt it was better safe than sorry.

Garrett was going off the diving board, taking a running jump.  However, mid-run, he tripped, causing his face to hit the board before he was tossed into the air and finally landing in the water.  When he came up, he was treading water just fine, but crying, and the lifeguard took the plunge and pulled him out.

Thankfully, aside from bruised ego, he only had a skun toe and a fat lip.

He has been seen since taking running cannonballs off the board, so all is well.


Speaking of the pool.  Garrett performed his own rescue.  A little one had gotten over his head (literally) and was seriously panicking.  Garrett was close and the lifeguard asked Garrett to grab the poor fellow and walk him back to where he could stand.  The momma of the tiny chap had heard of his troubles and was there with open arms when Garrett brought him into the 3 foot, and thanked Garrett profusely.


A final pool note.

We had kid’s day at the pool the other day.  The first time that Garrett and Mikhail had cotton candy.

Garrett quickly decided it wasn’t anything to write home about, nor even waste his time with more than two bites, and gave the rest to Jay.

Jay was not so fortunate with Mikhail, however, as Mikhail realized this was PURE SUGAR.


I decided to go on a “diet” of sorts the other day.  I’m generally not a “diet” person, but I figured I could do this.

I’m calling it the “no-seconds diet”.

I have discovered an alarming trend in my eating in that I can’t seem to walk away from the table without having seconds (or thirds).

So, I’m cutting myself off at a single serving.

Man, you should see how much I can heap on my plate!  (Just foolin’, sort-of.)

It’s been two days, and I’m not starving yet.


I tried on a pair of capris the other day.  They said, “instantly slimming”.

They lied!

Maybe it’s the truth if you take into account that they cover the dimples (or “cottage cheese”) on one’s legs / bottom-side.

Not that I suffer from that, mind you. . . Just sayin’

Anyhoo, they aren’t “instantly slimming”, but they fit and that rather works for me.


I gave hair cuts the other day.  Only Tyler chose to sit this one out.

This always seems like a prime time to get photos for some reason.

Garrett (age 6)

Mikhail (age 5)

Of course, in one instance we refer to this not as a “haircut”; rather, a “sheering of the beast”.

 Drew (before haircut)

Drew (after “sheering” age 16)

Speaking of beasts and haircuts, the summertime is especially bad for haircuts as the hair just sticks to you something fierce.  So, by the time I’m done, I’m sure I look like this:

Yet, I must act like this:

as I have noticed that all the boys clear a bee-line for me from the kitchen (where I cut hair) to the shower, without me even having to say a thing.


Don’t know how I managed to do this, but Tyler just celebrated his 14th birthday and I didn’t even get photos up.

So, here’s a couple for ya.


And on a final note:

You are all just dreaming.  I am not really here.  I am still on my blog sabatical in an attempt to get my life organized and geared up for. . . ah, you know. . . LIFE.

I’m hoping by the end of the week I will at least have a fair outline done and can get back to my regularly scheduled *stuff*.

Enjoy your week!

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3 comments on “Just the other day

  1. Sunshine says:

    Who said the boys could grow so darn fast?! And nice to not see you here again! 😉

  2. yikes about the dive… literally. You’ve been busy! Good to see pics of your fam.

  3. Donna says:

    I can see there is never a dull moment. Everyone looks so good.

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