Well howdy!

I have not meant to be offline.  Just been super busy.  It’s not going to get much better, but I will try to get better about staying on.


Last week Jay was away.  He went to spend time with family.  It would have been nice for all of us to be able to go, but the money just wasn’t there. . . .He had a good time, and I’m enjoying hearing the stories.  I have pictures that I will try to get to the family soon.


Upon his return, he discovered that his credit card number had been hacked again.  In fact, this is the third time in as many months (getting a new card / number each time).

This time; however, we were told that it has been stolen via a “swipe”.  Meaning we swiped our card somewhere and they got the information from that as opposed to someone swiping our number and giving our number to a merchant (like an online transaction).

Yep, we use that particular credit card ALL the time.  (It gives us a percentage back for our kids’ college funds.)

But, we only “swipe” it at like 5 different places (we aren’t big shoppers).  And we’ve got 3 months worth of records that shows approximately *when* our number has been stolen.

Can you say, “Science Experiment”?

Of course you can!  So can my teens! 

So, the four of us (Jay, myself, Drew and Tyler) sat down and discussed this, and drew up a plan to determine where the thief is attacking.  Tyler mostly listened, but Drew was all interested, especially about variables and developing a plan.

Now, due to those above mentioned records we are fairly certain we know *where* the culprit is getting our information. 

So, I’m taking my credit card and we are going on a “hunt”.  And my boys are getting a “life lesson”.  (They are totally psyched about this whole “experiment” too.)

Gee, who knew a credit card thief could be so darn exciting!


Well, Jay got back towards the end of last week, but went ahead and took the remainder of the week off work.

And, of course, while he was gone my stove decided to die.

Enter a sigh of relief, as we have a fully “loaded” kitchen on the 3rd floor.

So, Jay returned and he and the boys (including some neighbors) swapped out my stove for the one that was upstairs.

Now, I have a new *old* stove.

The only problem is that the permanent drip pans are encrusted with rust, and we can’t find the removable drip pans to fit.  So, I had to buy covers, because I despised how “unclean” the stove top looked due to the rust.  Thankfully, it could be covered.

OH!  But, it never dawned on me when we moved in to check and ensure that the stove / oven had been cleaned (did check the main kitchen stove).  So, I spent a good amount of time cleaning this darn thing.


Oh, and I’m in the process of removing the old wallpaper in preparation to paint.


Then, Jay spent the remainder of his time home working on the dining room.

He now has one wall replaced and insullated.

It’s coming together, slowly, but surely.


Oh, one of the blogs I enjoy reading, Dewey Hafta Academy, linked to an article on introverts.

I asked Jay to read it, so he can understand me better.

Now, this is the man who for years claimed he was “shy”.  It wasn’t until one of our neighbors remarked, “If he’s shy then he has the biggest case of overcompensation, I’ve ever seen!” that he stopped claiming it.

Yes, well know he’s going around claiming he’s an introvert!

I married the class clown who has serious identitiy issues!


My days have been insanely busy.

I start with my internet time, and chores.  Then “dash” up to the 3rd floor and work on scheduling and/or printing (our upstairs computer refuses to connect to the internet anymore, except to get updates).  Heaven forbid I need anything from the internet!  In which case, I have to run back downstairs to get what I need, then copy it to the thumb-drive and scramble back upstairs to use it

Then, after lunch, it’s off to the pool.  I go armed with what little school work I was able to pull together in the a.m. that I can work on there (which is actually not much, as most of my work actually takes place on the computer), and pictures to label.

Then, it’s back home to cook dinner, put the little guys to bed, put away what pictures I was able to label and then work on the cross-stitch.

This is where I was on 14 July.

This is where I’m at as of 17 Aug.  Whew!  Definately seeing progress (of course, it’s been a month).

Because, you see, my plan was to have my school schedule in place, the pictures and the stocking done before we actually START school!


I procrastinated.  I know, you are all surprised. . .

We start school in 2 weeks.

Actually, I think Tyler should be starting history today!  Which means I need to verify that and then get upstairs and print off his schedule.


2 comments on “Well howdy!

  1. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for the idea about mosaics on index cards. I should have thought of that. Smacking my head here! What was I thinking trying to fill up a whole 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of cardstock? Yikes!

    I love your whole credit card experiment. A family of detectives. Let us know if you “catch” the culprit.


  2. Sunshine says:

    So, did you catch the crook yet?

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