2nd part of Pinball Principle

I started this whole topic here.  I suspect, since I mentioned it was part one, that many expected me to write yesterday.

I mentioned the nasty “dead zones” right?

Suffice it to say, I gave an anology.  Life to a pinball game.

If you don’t like that one, you could think of a super-bouncy ball shot from a high powered rifle in an enclosed room filled with canning jars. . .It’s a similarly chaotic image.

“Chaos” would be the key word here.

I am supposed to start school with the kiddoes next week.

The only problem is, I’ve only just now decided on what I THINK I would like to use with Drew.  Well, “just now” as in on Sun afternoon.  I ordered my supplies then. . .

I may get them by this Sat.  Most likely, I won’t get them till the middle of next week.

I think I may assign Drew to be a “teacher’s assistant” next week.

I did finally get all my pictures labeled, put in albums, and the albums put away.  Seven albums, containing 400 photos each. . .You do the math, for I have writer’s cramp.

Our dining room is still in chaos.  I was hoping to at least have some semblence of order in there before the start of school.  That isn’t going to happen.

Jay had a serious eye infection hit on Sunday which resulted in him going to the ER.  One eye doc mentioned “corneal melting”.  Don’t look it up, it’s as bad as it sounds.  He sees a corneal specialist tomorrow, and MAYBE we’ll be told something, but I have serious doubts as to that (he’s seen this guy before).  Poor Jay and his eyes!

Garrett was stung on Fri. evening.  He’s now on antibiotics for “cellulitis”  (bacteria infection of the deeper skin layers).  The antibiotics STINK!  Oh. My. Goodness!  It’s all I can do to refrain from gagging when I give it to him.  Poor kid.  He pours out Listerine and has his toothbrush ready and waiting for as soon as he’s done slugging that stuff down.

The dining room is my main work area.  I do all my scheduling there.

Oh, did I just totally switch topics?  You’d think so, hmmm.  And a good writer would go back and re-arrange. . .but the topic of the day is “chaos”.  I think I’m following through rather well. .  .

As I was saying, the dining room is my main work area, especially when it’s planning / scheduling time.

I can spread all my books across our rather spacious table, and work.  Then, when we need the table cleared, I can stack all said books up into a pile and place them off to the side.

However, our dining room is off limits right now to anything other than eating.  So, my books are spread elsewhere.

And while everyone resepects the PILE in the dining room; I’ve discovered that’s not the case in the living room or parlor.  In fact, I can no longer find my PILE.  I see bits of it to my right, and bits to my left, oh and there appears to be 7 books over there on the floor by a chair. . .But the pile is scattered, much like my brain of late.  I can’t just sit down and go to work; as it requires a sort of “treasure hunt” first. 

Yesterday, I discovered I was missing at least one book.  This is bad.  VERY bad.  Because, you see, it was a book loaned to me by a friend.  I haven’t the foggiest notion where the book has gone to.  It was originally in the PILE, but as I mentioned the pile has been pilfered.

I don’t know why I’m going on so.  I won’t have all my books by next week when we are to start, so why should it bother me that I can’t plan / schedule the books that I do have?

I need to reign in the chaos.  I wonder how one goes about doing that?  I wonder if there is like a “capstone” which you could tackle that would help bring the rest of the chaos in line.  Of course, if there was one, I probably wouldn’t know or be able to find it. . .I’ve discussed before how I’m a peripheral worker.

This would be a good question for my teens.  A type of leadership question.  It makes sense, doesn’t it, that a true leader would be able to identify the “Chaos Capstone”. 

Until then; however, I’m off to go buy food.  Even those living in utter disorder need to eat.


One comment on “2nd part of Pinball Principle

  1. Sunshine says:

    Send Jay and the kids off for the weekend next weekend, and then GET.IT.DONE! THAT would be one way to reign in the chaos. And it’s legal. My other ornery, but all in jest options are not. ;P

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