I know that many of you probably thought that my exercise regimen got to me.  You wouldn’t be far from the truth. . .

But, the reality is far more exhausting.

Yep, I’m on the fast train to Insanity.

To be perfectly honest though, yesterday I think the train blew past Insanity and is carrying me beyond to some terrifying, unknown destination.

I would have been happy with Insanity. . .honest!

So, last night (Sunday evening!), I got a phone call from my homeschool county reviewer.  On a Sunday!

He says there’s “a new administration in town”, and they want to start doing reviews 4 times a year.  (I think they are only allowed a max of 3; will be sure to look that up.)

I was just befuddled, I can tell you!  I was flustered, “We just started last week!  And it was only 1/2 days at that because Jay is doing a dining room renovation!”

He was kind enough to suggest that I bring in the remainder of last year’s work (that he hadn’t reviewed yet).  Yeah, like I can find that!  Not to mention, nowhere does it state that I need to keep anything from year to year.  They are only allowed to require current stuff for the review.

Did I mention my house is in total chaos?  Oh, but just so you know, Jay got the 3rd floor toilet working again.  Right before we had a huge rain that showed us two major roof leaks.  And Jay had been hoping to get everything in the dining room at least primered last week.  He’s still got one more coat of joint compound to apply.  You know, Jay has been rather cranky of late. . .

Oh, did I also mention, that I just got Drew’s school books last week?  I have barely had a chance to crack the books, let alone schedule them.

Hold up!  Forgot the big news.  Our computer crashed.  Rather, all it’s parts did, but the memory was fine.  This necessitated the purchase of a new computer (4 of Drew’s classes are on CD-ROM, and 1 of Tyler’s is as well), and the transfer of all data from one to another.  Hours! Days! gone into the new computer.  And, of course, now a couple of my vital programs are not wanting to adapt to the change. . .Humph!  Menopause has got to be easier.

That’s why I’m up at oh-dark-thirty.  To work on schedules. . .and start pulling all my stuff together for my review. . .Oh, did I neglect to tell you that?  Hmmm, yes, that was the “dream sequence” of the entire phone call.  My review is tomorrow.

Yep, as sure as anything, this all boils down to one single fact:


PS  If you don’t hear from me on Wednesday, you can start watching the newspapers for a story about a middle-aged woman that has gone stark raving mad, screaming through the streets.


3 comments on “AWOL

  1. Laura says:

    Yep, way past insanity! Congratulations on the toilet. Good luck with the review, and the scheduling, and the roof, and the dining room.

  2. Sunshine says:

    Oh, so I see! You gave your toilet issues to me?! Thanks alot Christine! ;P

  3. Dee says:

    I’ve been MIA due to the home move and now remodeling (I know how you feel about the dining room, lol – I have no kitchen, hallway, laundry room, nor 2/3 bathrooms at the moment) and OMG I am still trying to find thing I need for schooling in the boxes from the move.

    Anyway, I am not caught up in reading yet, but wanted to say I think you are doing a fabulous job and the review I am sure turned out just fine. Hang in there 🙂 I haven’t see you in the papers yet.

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