Drew asks for change for a $20.  When I ask for what purpose, he responds, “Well, Jason takes us to and from youth group every week, so I thought I’d give him some money for gas.”

After Mikhail broke his arm, Tyler was seen taking time out of his day playing with him.  Pushing him, gently, on the swing, and even showing him how he could catch a ball one handed.


The review is over.  I know absolutely everyone is dying to know how it went.  I know this, as I count myself among that number.  Who knows?  I’m still curious how last year’s review went!  All I know is it is over and I can get back to the business of teaching.

HOWEVER, I do very firmly believe, that there should always be a down day after a review.  You have NO idea how much this takes from you!  So, we just kind of chilled here at home.  The weather made that a bit easier, as it was quite chilly today.

I did get pictures of the boys so we could decorate their school binders — still have to upload them.

The bed is calling me though. . .

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One comment on “Glimpses

  1. Laura says:

    Congratulations on making it through the review!
    Sometimes boys can be so thoughtful and I have to balance that with keeping my guard up for those other times. 😉

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