Science schedules

I’ve had some comments / requests regarding my science schedules that I sort of, in a round ’bout way, want to quickly address.

I am currently re-working all the science schedules.  Which means all the ones that are currently done and on the blog are being “made-over” and all the ones that haven’t been done yet. . .they are still on the back burner.

Right now, I’m working on Gen Sci. and Phys. Sci (don’t even ask how I wound up working on 2 at the same time, cuz I’ve yet to figure that one out myself ).  Then, I’ll move onto the elementary levels.  Because it is such a pain to put things up on here, I will not be “updating” the schedules until I’m done with them.  (My original thought was to update the schedules for every module, but that ain’t happenin’.)

However, this weekend, I’m working on Drew’s history and lit schedules (because the key book finally arrived — and yes, it was sent “media mail”), so science is “simmering” for awhile.  (Simmering makes things better, right?)


My little guys are currently begging me to do school with them.  When does this change. . .from the begging to do school to the groaning about school?   I’m not even ready for the day, so I need to get off and moving.  That, and get my two “groaners” on task with their school work.

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