Hours that is.  FOUR of them!  It took me four hours last night to work on Drew’s schedule, and all I got done was one measley week’s worth!  Further it was just the literature and history!

Part of it was the formatting.  Trying to figure out how to put on the schedule I want in a logical way.

Ha, ha!  LOGICAL!?  Hee, hee, me????

Yes, you can see the problem, here, can’t you?

Okay, to summarize, for those that may be new (or don’t want to spend the time catching up), Drew has not started his lit or history this year because I was missing one key book (it was sent “standard mail” which I’ve since come to realize means “media mail”).  The book is now in my possession, so now it’s down to correlating all the books together.

As I mentioned, trying to decide what I wanted to include and how to format it did take some time, but NOT nearly the time it took me to come up with maps!

Oh. My. Goodness!  I never realized what a freakazoid I am regarding maps.  And, I know I’m a freak, because it took me forever to find the maps that I thought should be standard for learning.

For example, let’s say I want a blank outline map of Africa (which is precisely what I wanted last night).  Now, I do not want ONLY Africa, the little footprint, all in isolation.  I want to see the Arabian peninsula, and the Mediterranean Sea with Italy’s boot, etc.  That seems self-explanatory, doesn’t it?  I mean, why learn countries / continents in isolation?

Also, because I’m going to print it out, I don’t want grey “water”.  No, thank you, I want to save my printer ink and let my kiddoes color it in blue.  And, while I realize it’s done that way so that it’s easier to identify the land mass. . .I’m thinking if my kids can’t identify the land mass on their own, I’ve got bigger problems.

Latitude and Longitude lines I can generally take them or leave them.  Sometimes they are incredibly handy, but others they are just a distraction.

Additionally, I find physical maps invaluable.  ESPECIALLY when you are going through history.  Yep, think about it. . .where did first civilizations pop up???? by Rivers!  exploration?  Seas / Oceans and RIVERS!  Why didn’t that civilization expand westward?  Mountains!  Why did it take so long to travel from point A to point B?  What about industrialization?  Weren’t rivers used a lot for that???  Aren’t most major cities still in a “water” locale?  I wonder why???

Yep.  Gotta have physical maps.  Do you know how hard it is to FIND physical maps????  Well, about 2 hours worth of time my friends!

Okay, so, if you are one to suffer for want of maps like I (and like the word FREE):  like this place, but they don’t have physical maps now, these have SOME physical maps (albeit cheesy — my little guys would really like it, but my big guys would be offended).  They also have grey “water”.  But, if you copy and paste them into MS Word you can picture format them and set the grey to transparent.

The best physical maps I’ve found though take a lot of time, and tend to be through university web sites.  Frequently “hand-drawn” (but done so well, I’m thinking “traced”).

Now, I do own a map book. . .it’s not down by me this instant.  It has great blank maps, except for continent maps.  What were they thinking?    But, if you needed state maps (US) it’s got them covered.  I’ll try to hunt it down later today to give the title.

I’m still on the lookout for a North American map.  One that actually shows the 50 US states, but doesn’t divy Canada into provinces.  (Sorry to any Canadians out there, but I don’t need the provinces for our studies. . .yet.)  It really irks me to have Alaska and Hawaii in those little boxes off to the left of the continental US. . .doesn’t really give the kids a clue as to where those are actually located — which means I have to pull out yet another map or globe to show them . . .


In other news:

If Jay ever comes up with a grand idea to do a major renovation on the house at about the same time I plan to start schooling someone, please, just shoot me!  I can not seem to get any sort of rhythm with school going because I’m constantly having to relocate something or search for something. . . All of us are out of sorts because our standard “spot” (AKA the dining room) is out of commission.

However, we can see light at the end of the tunnel!  Yes, indeedy!

This picture was taken early Saturday morning: 

Since then, Jay has primered all the (new) walls and ceiling, and done two coats of paint on the ceiling.

So, one would think that we are really close to done. . .but that’s not true.  We still haven’t come to a consensus regarding the floor, and the walls, aside from needing paint, will also be getting a couple of extra “decorative touches”.  (It’s a surprise. . .and we may be just a surprised as you, in the end.)

Worse, because of all the work that Jay has done in the dining room, and the fact that you can see into the kitchen oh-so-easily now. . .I’ve gotta re-do that now!  Otherwise, when the dining room is done, it will look “half-dressed” because you’ll be able to see the mess that is my kitchen. 


All this means, of course, that I don’t have a clue how school is going to go this week, because I am going to be painting. . .

And yet again, the rhythm that I am so desperately seeking for in my life is flummoxed.


2 comments on “FOUR

  1. Sarah F. says:

    I’m a map nerd, too.
    Is there ever such a thing as a rhythm to life other than syncopated.

  2. Sunshine says:

    Big hugs! I think that “rhythm” that you speak of is mythical, nothing real about it. Because any time I’m ever dumb enough to think we’ve “found” anything resembling a rhythm, I have something else stuck in my pipe that I now have to smoke!

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