Bad, bad Mommy! Bad, bad Mommy!

Shouted whilst flogging my back and shoulders with a wet noodle.

I don’t know if that’s truth or not, but yesterday sure felt like it.

Because, yesterday Drew had problems with Math.  You know, the subject I’m so particularly “good” at.

Good at avoiding, that is.

Last year, Drew was supposed to do Saxon Algebra 2.  I had the book in my hands, picked it up to schedule it, and thus, had to look inside.  And  I realized, all too quickly that this was FAR beyond my ability.

I tried to talk Drew out of it.  Even went so far as to buy Teaching Textbooks Algebra 2 (scheduled that).  But, he would have nothing to do with it.  The child does not like change.  When, that didn’t go over so well, I mentioned dual enrollement.  (A college course that would give him both highschool and college credit — our community colleges offer those.)  Again, he refused.

And, somehow, he made it through Algebra 2 with flying colors (an A).

Certainly, not from anything I did!

And, then comes this year, with some vague title like, “Advanced Mathematics”.

And now, he wants help.

Ummm, yeah.

The particular problem he showed me, had FIVE (yes, 5) unknowns!  Two of them were exponents.  On top of that it was a division problem (set up awfully similarly to a fraction).


I recall a teacher once trying to explain two unknown variables to me, and maybe my Dad too.  They both gave up in fairly short order.

I had a mathematically inclined friend, in my after-school life, that just couldn’t fathom my problems with such things, and determined to “make it real” for me.   (AKA the dreaded “word problem”)

“So, you invite 7 guests over to a dinner party, making a total of 9 people for dinner.  You have decided to make ham swiss quiche and zuchinni quiche.  You know that at least 5 of these guests will not touch the zuchinni quiche, and at least one of the quests is a vegetarian.  So, how many of each quiche will you make to ensure everyone will get at least 2 slices.”

See, there’s a problem when you try to “make it real” for me. . . .I’m evidently “too real”.

My Answer:

“Toss the whole plan and make spaghetti with meatballs on the side.”

So, I’m looking at this problem, and my son, and madness ensued.  The long and short of it is, by the end we were screaming at each other.  I at him, for not believing me last year when I told him he had moved beyond the abilities of his teacher, and he at me because he thought, apparently, I was lying all this time.

We have a friend who is a math major at college right now.  I volunteered to call her and ask for help.  He spent the next two hours figuring it out for himself.

I’m thinking this is aiding my cause in getting him to enter college for dual enrollment.

Believe it or not, he asked me for help in math again today. . .maybe he likes making me feel stupid?

And just so you know, I know exactly what’s for dinner tonight.  There will be more than enough for all and if anyone wants to be picky about it, they can simply starve.

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3 comments on “Bad, bad Mommy! Bad, bad Mommy!

  1. Laura says:

    Oh yes, just this week I used the line “just wait until your uncle gets home” because the word problem was just a little different from the example used in the chapter (I hate it when they do that). I was humbled because I really hoped it would be next year before math was over my head. I made Anthony teach it to me and then I taught it to Connor. Because I’m the teacher in this here school!

  2. Sarah says:

    At least you are not being impatient because your 6 yo isn’t comprehending how to write down exactly what she is saying. We all have bad mommy moments. I’m getting over one right now.

  3. Sunshine says:

    Is he doing the Saxon or the other one now? Saxon has the D.I.V.E. dvd’s if you need them. I know, more money flying out the window. We won’t even go there right now. 😦

    Hope today goes better! 😀

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