Pictures are uploading as I type

While I get them sorted out, I’m going to paste my last post from Core Renovations here.  (You may have already seen it.)  I’ve decided I’m going to keep home stuff on here as well, and just copy what Jay wants onto that site. 

(Originally posted 10 Oct 08)

Well, it looks a disaster but it’s starting to come together.  Truly!

 Let’s see, I last posted here.  Since then, we’ve been busy painting and picking out tile.  Jay is starting to prep the floor to lay the tile.

Now, I expect when everyone sees this they will think it nasty. . .it’s o-k-a-y.  If it makes you feel any better, I do too.  Yet, I know what’s to come and you don’t.  Well. . . hopefully, I know what’s to come; rather, hopefully what’s to come turns out exactly as (or better than) I plan.

So, with that promise of some new twist, here’s where the dining room stands thus-far.


I can’t wait to see what this weekend brings!  Can you?

One comment on “Pictures are uploading as I type

  1. Sarah F. says:

    The dining room is looking great. Keep up the good work.

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