Trick Or Treat

Well, no, not exactly.

We’ve done trick-or-treat in the past. I remember truly enjoying it from my childhood, and my kids have always enjoyed it. But, something has slipped in recently. . . Something ugly.


The kids aren’t out for the fun of it.  They could care less to look at others’ costumes, or the house decorations, the carved pumpkins, the tromping around after dark. . .

No, they developed a mission for maximizing the candy haul. . . as a group. . . all FIVE of my guys!

And that’s where all the “fun” came to sudden and abrupt HALT.

Trick-or-treating was nixed for the year 2008, and man, you’d think I’d canceled Christmas.  (Which is whole ‘nuther topic altogether!)

My children have nominated me for the “Mean Mommy Award” so many times in recent past, that I’m sure I will win by a landslide.

As luck would have it, Halloween was on a Friday this year.  And, on Fridays, we typically have friends over for a “game night”.  I should really title it a “Game / Gab Night” as the kids all play games and the parents all gab.  So, I planned a “twist” for the evening.

There was build-up to the event, which all the kids enjoyed.  Making monsters and masks, caramel apples and other treats.  A pumpkin cake (which was a combined effort).  Costume planning — Mikhail in the last minute Indian costume (his 3rd year in a row) and Garrett in his Iron Man pjs.  The kids all created “costumed” guords (which all won awards).  In short, they had FUN.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Okay, I’m having problems with the slideshow. . .I’ll try to get them ironed out soon.  Think it’s fixed, let me know if you have problems.

And the interesting thing is, my kids had a grand time, and no-one complained about not going trick-or-treat.

4 comments on “Trick Or Treat

  1. mothernaturesgarden says:

    You are not going to want to hear this but when I play your video, it says it is no longer available and I can’t go to Youtube.

  2. Sarah F. says:

    Awesome idea! I wish I could see the video. My kids are still enamored with the decorations, jack-o-lanterns, and costumes. Plus, I love to hand out the candy. If any kids young or old show up at the house without a costume, I make them W-O-R-K for that candy.

  3. corefoundations says:

    Okay, Aunt Donna, I’m trying your trick, since mine evidently didn’t work. Hopefully, it’s working.

  4. mothernaturesgarden says:

    Your slideshow is working and so cute the way you have added the Halloween theme. Those treats look yummy.

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