Golf anyone?

You can bet your booty my Mom is bouncy up and down to that question (and it really doesn’t matter the weather)!

I’m afraid, however, I didn’t mean, the actual sport.

Nope. (sorry Mom)

Yesterday, I was trying to make my life of organizing and planning “fun”.  So, I wrote my list of things to do with estimated times.  Then, as I crossed each thing off my list I wrote in the actual time.  If I finished “on time” then it was “par”.  If it was under time then, I would be in negative numbers, and if it was over time I was in positive numbers.

So, I started, and by lunch time I was at +1 and happy with that!

I ended the day at +130!  (Much like my actual golf game!)


Worse, my list didn’t even get half way done.  So, I’ve oodles to do today.

And I just spent 25 minutes trying to get a slideshow up and running here (I haven’t gotten it to work since the trick-or-treat one).  And it wasn’t on my list, so. . .before I even eat breakfast I’m already up +25 for the day!

Hopefully, you can see the slideshow of Garrett’s 7th birthday.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

ETA:  Darn slide-show!!!!  I’ll try to get it fixed later. . .you know, when I have time to spare.


Got it fixed here.

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One comment on “Golf anyone?

  1. Sunshine says:

    Okay, I’m here again and caught up! Well, at least on reading your blog I am. We won’t talk about the rest of my life. ;P This friend needs you to throw her a time-bone, cuz she sure does miss you keeping her sane!

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