A friend of mine returned from a vacation recently and was bemoaning the pictures.

“I was looking at myself in those pictures, Christine, and discovered that I really look middle-aged!”


In the past 7 months, two really dear friends of mine have become widows.  Another was diagnosed with breast cancer.

I feel middle-aged.

I had to buy masscare the other day.  After about 5 years my last tube had gotten clumpy.  I bought the kind marked “water-proof”.  The last time I bought “water-proof” masscare I determined that tears were of a different consistency than water, because it certainly wasn’t tear-proof.  I’m not holding out much hope for this batch either.

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2 comments on “Middle-Age

  1. mothernaturesgarden says:

    I’m sixty five and believe me you are still young. It is time to take time out and pamper yourself so you feel as good as you look. Wouldn’t you love to have Tim Gunn available.
    Life is good.

  2. Sunshine says:

    I know it’s hard, but just remember, those things are happening “around” you, not “to” you. I have been losing people left and right lately and have too many friends w/cancer right now. I think it’s more of a wake-up call that we should be taking better care of ourselves. Like a peripheral warning of sorts.

    Hugs and love to you girl! 🙂

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