Dining Room Update

Okay, the last photos you saw were posted on 10/10/08.

The last photos I took were on the weekend of October 24th.  Nothing has been done since then.  Apparently, these things need to “rest” or “marinate” or something.

I have determined that having you go to two different sites is ludicrus.  I shall continue to update the Core Renovations site for Jay, but the rest of you can just get everything here.

So, this is where the dining room stands thus far.  Realize that the beadboard still needs to be painted, trim added, etc.  Then of course all the decorating. . . But, as I said, nothing has been happening for awhile.

Weekend start, walls only painted to half-way point (top-down)

Saturday, beadboard installed. (needs to be painted)

Fridge replaced after floorwork (below)

Sunday, we put down the tile.  Jay did the edge-work but let me do the main area.  😉  Kids had a blast “skating” on it for a full day before we put the table back in.


2 comments on “Dining Room Update

  1. Sarah F. says:

    It is looking really good. I’m impressed about the floor. I was beginning to think I was the only woman out there who actually worked with power tools and knew how to lay tile (aside from the HGTV gals, who actually have someone else do most of the work).

  2. Sunshine says:

    See! See! I told YOU you’re Superwoman! I TOLD YOU! 🙂 Great job girlie! Can’t wait to see when it’s done marinating! 😉

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