Road Map

I suppose I was blessed with parents that liked to travel.  I mean, now I consider it a blessing; however, at the time I’m sure I gave my parents a hard time about it.  If it’s any consolation Mom and Dad — you only had 2 kids, and mine give me at least double the grief.  😉

One of the outcomes of this little tidbit is that I have the fantastic ability to be able to read and understand road-maps.  The same cannot be said of Jay, who is perfectly worthless with a map, and can’t even fold one properly (thus the spiralbound map we now own).

Oh, and for the record it is I that refuses to stop and ask for directions, but Jay is perfectly content to do so.

Anyhoo. . .

We just got back from a road trip and are about to turn around for another towards week end.

Way back in the dark ages, I would pull out a map and pour over it for hours planning our trip route.  I would literally calculate all the miles it would take, and I would even, generally, look at least at two different routes to ensure that we were taking the best route.

Now, I pull up mapquest.  And there are some days I wonder why as it has led us astray many a time.

Bear with me a minute while I take a short detour. . .

As it happens I have a degree in business, and one of the things that was pounded in our heads was the idea of a “business plan”.  You know, you are supposed to write out your ideas of where you want to be when.

A destination of sorts.

It makes sense, then, that when I started homeschooling I would sit down and write out my plan.  To clearly state what my end goal is.

Okay, for those of you that are currently having fits over my lack of actual, grammatically correct sentences, please just forgive it.  I’m afraid I’m suffering a cold (have even lost my voice), and my head hurts too much to think in a grammatical fashion.

So, I knew where I was starting from and where I was wanting to end up.

But, suddenly, I realized that it was the HOW to get there that was actually my biggest issue.

Thus, the idea of a road map.  I have a dear friend who just loves to see how my “logic” swings. . .hope this makes her proud.

Okay, for those of you like Jay, the big, dark, bold lines tend to be major (as in interstate) roads.  The little, red ones tend to be state roads and the teeny-tiny grey ones. . .well, they are awaiting adventures, or your route home.

As I had mentioned earlier, we just got back from a road trip.  I will tell you that we were on a single interstate for the majority of our trip on the Sunday after Thanksgiving.  I was struck by the number of vehicles that were outfitted with a GPS, that was actually turned on.  (We don’t own one.)

But, what I found particularly funny was the GPS output looked amazingly like this (‘cept we weren’t on 66):

Ummm, yes, I truly fear the number of people that would get lost without a map, if they need a GPS telling them to stay straight on the course forever and a day.

Yet, these two items struck me in a very “homeschool-y” way.

A roadmap, or mapquest, or a GPS system, is a tool.  Any of them help you chart your course; and hopefully, prevent you from getting lost.

Further, I was struck, very much so, by the above GPS image.  Because as a homeschooler, just as a driver, the easiest route is the “interstate”, the direct path.

But, after Sunday’s travels, I can tell you a few things.  At the end of that 13 hour (should have only been 11) trip, my head was humming, I was exhausted, and my bum was SORE.

Strangely remineiscent of how I felt at high school graduation.

EGADS!  (Jimmy Neutron would say, “Brain Blast!” — and if you didn’t know I was the mother of 4 boys before. . .you certainly would now!)

Now, this is going to wind up being a two part post.  The second part, believe it or not, already has a title:  “And Yet“, but I need a little more time to formulate my thoughts, and probably a heck of a lot more Tylenol to rid myself of this headache.

Maybe I’ll put up pictures of our trip in the interim. . .

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2 comments on “Road Map

  1. Sarah F. says:

    I’m sorry you don’t feel good. I love maps, but a GPS sure would be nice to be able to navigate the metropolis. The other drivers don’t seem to care that you have no idea where you are going.

  2. Sunshine says:

    OMG! I’m so far behind! 😉 I’ll play catch-up now. I’m sorry you didn’t feel well sweetie. I hope you feel better now.

    And yes, in this post, you veered all OVER the map! 😉 But I love you anyway (plus, it works well with my ADD mind!) 😉

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