Thanksgiving trip

We went to my folks for Thanksgiving.  It was great fun for the kids and very relaxing for us adults. . .well, maybe not for my folks, but for us it was.

My folks have LOTS of trees, so we tried to help them out with their leaves.  I don’t believe we made much of a dent.

I’m quite sure that jumping in leaves is very helpful to the cause of picking them up.

What is this child doing just standing around?

Okey-dokey, I see 3 and I’m thinking something’s up. . .

or possibly under as the case may be.

Note: this would have been really good if I had the follow-up picture to this one, but I either didn’t get it snapped in time or someone mentioned, “chocolate”. . .


This is my aunt, Mother Nature.  She came to visit us at my folks too.  (She’s my Daddy’s older sister — he’s the handome fellow in the background.)  She doesn’t just have a green thumb, both her hands are green.  Something that didn’t flow into this particular branch of the family tree.  I’m lucky to have 2 living plants in my house, and I’ve determined it’s just cuz they are stubborn.  She’s also very artistic. . .another trait that didn’t pass over. . .

This is my uncle, Father TimeI know, the noteriety of my family scares me sometimes.  He is losing his hearing.  But, I have to tell you, it’s really not a problem as he’s a fantastic story-teller, as evidenced below:

I’ve determined that I should learn to tell great stories like he; so, should I lose my hearing, I can do all the talking and not have to worry so much about listening. 😉  He had us rolling and a good time was had by all.

I somehow missed shots of my mother.  I suspect that it was due to the poor woman living in the kitchen the entire time we were there, and I didn’t want to dredge up such memories for her.  They are coming here for Christmas though, so I expect to get shots of her then.

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3 comments on “Thanksgiving trip

  1. We had a great time seeing you and family, Christine.

  2. Jenn in Mo says:

    How fun! I just followed over from the WTM board. I love your writing style! Very funny.

  3. Sunshine says:

    Looks like a great time was had by all! That’s so wonderful! 😀

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