And Yet

(I know I mentioned a while ago that I would get to this, but I really had a difficult time coming up with visual aids — but last night I had a brain-storm.)

This is part 2.  The first related post is found here.

To sum up, I mentioned having a plan in place — knowing my destination, specifically for homeschooling my children.  Additionally, I may have whined about bemoaned my struggle of finding the perfect route to get there.

Now, since I started with the idea of a map, I’m going to continue on in that theme.


Road map of CA courtesy Mapquest

Now, follow with me.

Let’s say Los Angeles is my starting point and Sacremento is my destination. 

(Okay, just to show my absolute brilliance, notice we are moving North, or UP.  Further, as I had mentioned this related to homeschool think of Los Angeles as a beginning Pre-schooler, and Sacremento as a graduating 12th grader.  I like how LA looks like a scrambled mess; which is exactly how I feel with pre-schoolers.  Oh, and Sacremento, as the state capital, has a lovely huge star to designate it — think graduation cap.  Ooooh!  Ahhhh!  And, what? it took me over a week to come up with this visual aid?)

Sorry, took a detour. . .

Now, for ease of discussion we will say there are two routes available to us:

HWY 1 (Pacific Coast Highway), designated in blue-grey

and Interstate 5, designated in orange

Yes, there could be many more routes chosen, but those are the two I chose and I’m in the driver’s seat here!  Oh, and for the record, yes, I have actually driven on both of these roads (at least parts of them).

Let’s break this down.

Immediately you should recognize that I-5 is a direct route from LA to Sacramento.  Probably THE most direct route.  Additionally, it neatly side-steps all those cities that might jam you up.  Truly, if you look, there are actually very few cities it has to work around.  It is “easy”.  You don’t have to think or make too many decisions.  You just get on and drive and drive and drive. . .  (I admit, I traveled this section after traveling on I-40 from Savannah, GA to LA, with 2 kids, 2 guinea pigs, 2 cats in a pick-up truck with car in tow and DH traveling behind in his Mustang. . .altogether another story.)  It is safe to say; however, that you just set the cruise control and keep on truckin’.  Occassionally the need will arise for a fill up, or a potty break, but otherwise you have open road ahead of you.  At the end of this route, you are just so happy to be done.  You’re tired, and brain dead.  And your bum is sore.

Hwy 1, doesn’t even come close to being called direct.  “Scenic” is the name of this route.  You will travel through a number of cities.  Your speed will fluctuate greatly, either due to those cities, or the twist and turns you’ll encounter.  You’ll see fabulous vistas that just make you want to jump out of your car and take a picture.  Sometimes you’ll be slowed down (driver ahead of you is rubber-necking, for example).  Sometimes you will spot a “hidden something” that you didn’t know about but just. have. to. see.  This route ends with you feeling refreshed, and excited.  Relaxed.  Ready for the next adventure.  (I suddenly have the theme song to “The Love Boat” running through my head.)

The point is, as homeschoolers, we have both options (and many other variations) available to us.  Both arrive at the same outcome.

My problem is, while I know that the scenic route is probably the best, it’s hard to map out.  I love my maps.  The direct route is easiest to map out, and I always tell myself, “we could always take a detour”. . .And yet, I find I tend to stick it on cruise control and keep on truckin’.  I know this, because I have two already that I had wanted to take on a scenice route, but wound up on the interstate, and the oldest is about to graduate!

I have two little ones still and I want need to find a way to map our scenic route towards learning.  (And I’m one of those people that if I don’t have it mapped out, I don’t go anywhere; unlike some of those marvelous people that just seem “led”.)  Any suggestions?



4 comments on “And Yet

  1. Sarah F. says:

    As a fellow box checker/mapper-outer I feel your pain. I’m waiting for your responses.

  2. I hear ya. We really must have been separated at birth. Sorry I haven’t been here in awhile, for some reason you mysteriously disappeared off my feed reader and here I thought you were just being quiet…. =) I’ve subbed back in now though, so I’ll bet better about keeping in touch.

  3. ohhh… the odds are stacked against us, how did we go poof from each other’s respective lives! But you can’t keep a good woman down! How are you? I popped in but didn’t have time to back read. I’ve been sick, So much to do… so little time. No matter how simple I try to keep this season, it always runs away on me. Keep in touch!

  4. Sunshine says:

    My advice. Take a week to just follow their bunny trails. Yes, this will involve stepping out of your comfort zone, but the trails are so beautiful, it’ll be worth it! 😀

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