Not really. . . but sort of.

We still haven’t put all the decorations up.  Jay is going to pitch a fit too, when I inform him that this year, we absolutely must get them down before the New Year.  Normally, we get them up the 8th of Dec and down the 31st.  However, the last 3 years we’ve managed to get them up later than normal, and don’t take them down till sometime in Jan.  The big problem with getting them down that late is it feels like my whole year just started out of sync — and the last 3 years have played out that way.  Honestly, I don’t feel I can start yet another year feeling that way.

The only gifts we have purchased thus far are for Drew.  He’s the only child to have any “needs”.  But, I’m telling you, this year is incredibly rough in the gift department as each kid has only identified a single “want”.

I keep telling myself, “How blessed are we, that we have only one child with “needs”, and that the kids have so few “wants”.”

Course, it doesn’t feel like a blessing, when you are out shopping. . .

I’m back to working on the cross-stitch.  *sigh* You’d think I’d be done with that thing as of now.  But, alas, no, Supreme Procrastinator struck again.

Oh, I spent my day out yesterday, at the dentist and then the docs.  All “sudden” visits.   You might call them “emergency” types.

You see, on Sat.  Jay, myself, and the two younger guys went out shopping.  We had some house items to pick up and then we were going to make a trip to the dreaded Toys R Us.  A reconaissance mission of sorts, as I had mentioned we don’t have any ideas what to get the kiddoes.  What better way to find out what they might find interesting than to let them loose in a toy store?

We never made it to the toy store.  Because while Jay was in Home Depot with the little guys (I was at Sam’s getting some food stuffs), Garrett took a spill.

Resulting in a 4 hour hospital trip,

and 10 stitches in his chin.

The trip to the dentist was to ensure no damage had occured to his jaws / permanent teeth.  (None, thankfully!)

The trip to the doc was because he had “lost” 4 of the ten stitches.  Actually, he had only lost 3, but at the doc’s office another popped out

I have pictures. . .

Umm, don’t mind the blood on his shirt, this was directly afterwards. . .

Ah, but I don’t want this post to be so depressing!

On Sunday, we invited some friends over after church and we had a candy making day.  I had the camera ready to take oodles of pictures, but we were so busy, I never actually took any!  Which was a shame, as grand fun was had by all, and the day was filled with laughter, and chatter, and warmth. . .

And that, my friends, ranks as one of the best gifts one could receive this season.

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One comment on “Ba-Hum-bug!

  1. Sunshine says:

    Better that than to be a family with needs and wants and no money to fill either of them, eh? So yes, you are truly blessed! 🙂

    What is it with boys and chins? When T was 4, he slipped getting into the tub and had to get stitches. Did the same thing getting out of a tub when he was 8, RIGHT next to the scar from the first time. We then told him he wasn’t allowed to set foot anywhere NEAR a bathroom the whole time he was 12. (You know, it seemed like an every 4 year thing!) Well, I’m happy to say, he turned 13 last month with no trip for stitches in the chin in his 12th year of life. And lucky for him, cuz he’d have REALLY stunk when he was 16 if it had happened AGAIN (we still let him in the bathroom last year). 😉

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