Bless his heart!

Can I just say that lunch time is riotous around here???!

Lunch is a “casual affair” around here.  Fend for yourself kind of deal.  And I tell you, more than oh. . . 6 times in any given week, I’m so happy to survive it.

It has the cacophonous air of a public school’s cafeteria, and I only have FOUR children!  Honestly!

The two oldest tend to do their own things throughout the a.m. so lunch time is their first actual period of interaction.  Thus, they are just chatting and carrying on the whole time.  And, as they can take care of themselves, they tend to eat first.  So, I’m asking the little guys what they’d want to eat about the time the older two are finishing. 

The little guys can rarely stay on topic during this whole affair. Trying desperately to be part of their older brother’s conversations / lives, and frustrated that Mom won’t stop bugging them about eating. . .

Today was especially bad as we have been talking about Christmas (gifts specifically). 



As I mentioned I have been working rather diligently on Mikhail’s stocking.  Before I picked it up again, Mikhail was telling me not to worry, that he would just “use the same ole one I used last year”.

However, now, he is my greatest cheerleader right now.  “Wow, Mommy, look how far you’ve gotten.  Oh, it’s going to be the best, Mommy.  I will have it for Christmas, right Mom?”

Yes, my son, if it kills me, you will have your stocking in time for Christmas this year.


2 comments on “Bless his heart!

  1. se7en says:

    The only way to calm down… from a hurricane to a mere tornado, any meal in our house is for me to read… So read I do!!! All their school read-alouds are red at the table… It is quite amazing how much people can absorb while filling their little tummy!

  2. Sunshine says:

    Too funny! At least you have meal times! Mine are ALWAYS eating! 😉 And we finally figured out where it’s all going…… their FEET! UGH!

    I will pray for you regarding that stocking! I too am cheering you on! 😀

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