Happy New Year

Bet you all had thought I’d fallen off the planet.

Our internet has been incredibly slow recently. . .and we’ve been busy.  Such is the burden of the season, I suppose.

I have been on the computer a LOT recently though.  Been working on a couple of files I wish to share.  They aren’t schedules, if you can believe that.  However, they also aren’t on this computer, so when I go back to the desktop I’ll share them.

Last night Tyler went to play volleyball.  (One of the local churches has volleyball every Friday evening.)  Drew, on the other hand, was here at home as he has a cold and didn’t feel up to playing.

Jay has been hard at work in the dining room again which is how Drew and I managed to get stuck with “doggy-duty” last night.  (Can’t wait to post photos for this one!!! the dining room, not the doggy stuff)

So, Drew and I got all bundled up and grabbed the doggy-doo bags, as well as the dog and took off.

Okay, I need to stop here for a sec.

Yesterday, I bought shoes for my cruise.  Very exciting stuff.  I wanted some shoes that would work for / with anything, and be terribly comfy to walk in.

And, then, to break them in, I took a 2 mile walk.

My ankles are raw!  And my guys are giving me the hardest time about “What [was I] thinking?”

*sigh*  It’s honestly a good question. . .

Anyway, Drew is a fast walker.  I mean, I never considered myself pokey, except when I walk with him.  And, on top of that, I was favoring my feet.

I think, by the time we made the first corner, Drew decided he’d better step back a bit before he totally lost me.

Which meant I could actually talk to him.  😉  And he actually had a lot to say.

Because when we rounded that first  corner we were met with the “Cheshire Cat Moon”.  (Where the moon is tilted on it’s side and it looks like the smile of the Cheshire Cat.)  I don’t recall seeing one before, and it kind of took me by surprise.  Apparently, it did Drew as well.

And now, we have an entire list of things to research, and I’m going to share it here, because I found it fascinating to hear his thought process.

What causes a Cheshire moon (I honestly, don’t have a clue what it’s called – if anything, Drew came up with that on his own, and I like it.) note, we do know it’s due to the tilt of the Earth as we looked it up last night, but the site we found was rather confusing in it’s language, so we want to find another one.

Why the ellipses of planets?  — going with the “sling-shot” effect here, but we want to know what causes the “sling”.

Why do planets revolve around the sun in an essentially single plane.  Why not, more 3-dimensionally like the parts of an atom?

If the gravity of the moon is strong enough to effect the tides, why doesn’t it effect our weight throughout the day? (Especially, given the amount of water our bodies contain.)

And then, upon arriving home, Jay mentioned he missed seeing the Northern Lights (aurora borealis), so there’s a note on our list to look that up as well.

Well, I’m being booted out of the dining room, so Jay can get back to work. 


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