see the carrot?

Well, I committed a major social faux pas today.

Because I was having such a bad morning and all, I figured, why not add to it?

So, I called my really good friend first thing this a.m.  (For the record, my “first thing” is 0500, and her’s is closer to 0800. . .I waited till about 0830.)  I mentioned my dread of the day before me, and then said,

“So, how ’bout you let us all come over to your house after school, and I’ll bring the pecan rolls.”

Well, truly, it’s not like I could have invited them over here, as my house is a catastrophe area!  And, as it happens, my friend seems to have an “allergy” to yeast and rolling pins  — using them, not partaking of foods created with them.

She took me up on it!

Thus, my day was set, with the carrot dangling in front of me and mine.

And, I managed to come up with a plan for this week.  I discovered that I had already scheduled 4 subjects for Drew and 3 for Tyler, so they are having a “bare bones” week, and the little fellows are finishing up the last few things I had wanted to accomplish in “Kindergarten”.

Our day went quite well considering.  And, when all was said and done, we enjoyed some yummy rolls in some fantastic company.

Better yet, my panic subsided, and my mood improved.  Can’t shake a stick at that, nosiree.


I have mentioned Jay working on the dining room again.  (Oh, and before I forget, in the time he hasn’t been working on the dining room, he’s been doing all those little odds & ends fixit projects that have been piling up, so it’s not as if he’s been slacking.)

It’s looking so good!  Better than I had hoped.

This is one of the last pictures I had posted way back in Nov.  What you can’t really tell in this picture is the beadboard is primered a pale gray.

Jay spent this weekend painting  (“whip cream” is the paint color) and adding the trim and molding. 

Since this particular photo, he’s changed out the door knob. . . I’ll have to get a photo of that.

The poor man still isn’t done, as he is currently trying to address the issue of these unsightly pipes.

We He will then finish the bottom trim work, and then we’ll he’ll address the needs of the window.  And just so you know, I am an active participant in these activities. . .It’s just my actions are more, ummm, “verbal” than his.  😉


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