Starting the new year of school. . .

It’s not yet 0700 and today is already starting massively behind. Jay was working in the dining room, which is a major route to the laundry area, so I have oodles to do there.

I don’t have schedules for the guys to use today. . .I’m a very poor time manager.  I had planned for the files I posted yesterday to only take 1 day each.  Each of them took almost 4 days to complete.  I was supposed to work on schedules after that.  Given that I planned on using those files immediately, I would say I had my priorities right in creating them first.  But, I certainly didn’t get to the schedules.

Can I scream????

No, not yet, the kids are still abed. . .

Overwhelmed. . . that’s the feeling.

I just need to put one foot out there and start moving, I suppose.

Egads! I can’t even think how best to work today! I mean, it’s one thing to say, “just put one foot in front of the other”, but it’s a whole ‘nuther ball of wax to determine in which direction your feet should take you.


I need a list. . . a plan. . .a clue. . .


HA!  And people continually tell me I’m so organized and “on the ball”.

“HA,” I say!

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4 comments on “Starting the new year of school. . .

  1. Debra says:

    I’m doing exactly the same thing: Waking up before the rest of the family, writing up today’s schedule that I meant to make up this weekend. (Okay, no, I’m reading your post. I’d better get back to it.)

    It was supposed to have been a fresh new start today. Sigh.

  2. Laura says:

    Not alone. I am making steps toward getting that schedule for today created. Then of course I need to think about tomorrow. (Guess I need to go look at the schedule page instead of this blog.)

    Every day is a new chance!

  3. One foot in front of the other Christine… I’m right behind you. If that makes you feel any better. *grin*

  4. se7en says:

    Thank heavens for summer holidays – I just couldn’t face the thought of school right now… I so empathize with you!

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