Bunny Trails

“Bunny Trails” is a key phrase / phenomenon that most homeschoolers are all too familiar with.  It means, to go off at a tangent, in great depth, off the main topic of study.

The following is an example of a conversation between two homeschool moms to illustrate.

“So, I decided to spend two weeks covering the American Revolution.”
“And, on day 2 we read this book that mentioned the Turtle.”
 “Then, we spent the remainder of the two weeks learning about submarines!”
          “Went off on a bunny-trail, that’s for sure!”
“Yes, and I’m wondering if I should move on or try to finish the Revolution.”
          “Ah, just move on, you’ll hit it next time around. . .”

“I was thinking the same thing.  Hey!  You wanna come over and see the model replica Jimmy made out of paper-mache?”

Okay, so I was totally foolin’ on that last line. . . .sort of.

Here’s the thing:  my entire life is a bunny trail!

For example:

Recall the book hunt yesterday (ooohooooh, TANGENT:  I should “remake” Going on a Bear Hunt!  I’ll have to think on that one.)


Ah, yes, the book huntThe one that is, *grumble*, currently 2 days in the making.

Well, I wound up in the school room.

And I found it!

Not the book, silly, the receipt saying that I have not lost my mind, I did indeed purchase it.  Always a good thing to know — that you haven’t lost your mind.  I am now listing the book as AWOL, and appropriate administrative actions will be taken.

But, you see, in the process of looking for this book, I have already cleaned the 1st and 2nd floors of this house (Day 1).

On Day 2, I decided that in order to do a thorough search of the school room, it would be best to go through and organize my books.  (Seeing as the boys never see fit to put them back where they belong, even though the shelves are labeled, grrr.)  A-N-D, since I was organizing my shelves, I may as well remove those books that just don’t fit our family anymore.

And, then, I found that receipt, which brought to mind that I need to go through our file cabinets and cull all the past year’s paperwork.

Finally, toward night’s end I was attacked by a “bunny-trail” of a whole different variety. . .


Egads!  I truly believe that those diminutive devils propogate quicker than the real rabbits out in our yard.

After fending those miniature monsters as best I could till I made it to the door and beat a hasty retreat, I went downstairs and discovered my face broken out in hives.

I am now preparing for war.  The troops have been assembled and a battle plan approved.  Should you never hear from me again, be on the look-out for an obituary that reads something to the effect of,

“She was lost to us when she took it upon herself to hop on down a bunny trail.”


3 comments on “Bunny Trails

  1. se7en says:

    Sorry to comment again!!! I am laughing at your bunnies… Today I was going to do the “put the fresh books out on the shelves day…” But there was a lego project on the shelf, so I put the lego away and discovered a pile of clothes I meant to donate, so I took the clothes to the donate pile and discovered a secret picnic of raisins hidden behind the cupboard and I remembered that we should have had breakfast already and I need to get that bran flakes and raisins out… needless to say it is supper time (haven’t started that either)… in fact i have chased bunnies all this entire day and I have nothing to show for it – not even a meal.

  2. Nicole says:

    Ok. another very entertaining piece. I see plot twist (the receipt), alliteration (diminutive devils and miniature monsters), and a “funny bunny”. There is a certain song (about a bunny named Peter Cottontail) that I will sing to you whenever I see you goin’ down that trail. And uh, for the record, my girls are running around having a blast not doing a bit of school work as I sit quite amused reading your blog. LOLZ!

  3. Sunshine says:

    Every day is a bunny trail here. Or falling down the rabbit hole. Don’t even get me started there! 😉 Hope you find the book my friend. It took me 6 months to find a book I KNEW I had bought just after my Chicago trip. But then again, I did move in between. 😉 I’m still trying to purge 800 sq. ft. worth of stuff (that’s the difference in size from the old house to this one. 😉

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