Top of the mornin’ to ya

Want to join us for breakfast?

I made some more pecan rolls.

What?!  You have issues with sweet stuff for breakfast?

Ah, you’re right, we should balance it out more.

Yogurt parfait

Okay, before anyone goes and get any wacky ideas, this is not our normal breakfast fare.  But, really, given the pleasant attitudes I’ve encountered after breakfast, I should make it a typical Monday morning thing.


Let’s see, last Thursday I mentioned going on a war-path, and I haven’t been on since.

Well, apparently I was “flanked” by a collaborator.  (i.e. “school”) and actions needed to be taken that took my mind off the school room.  I haven’t been up there since.

It matters not.  The maneuver was short lived and doomed from the start.  I will achieve victory in the school room this week.

Not that I’m cocky or anything. . .

What I am, truly, is tired of fighting battles.

Part of them are my own fault to be sure.  (I have mentioned my fantastic propensity for procrastination many times before.)  But, a lot of the issues are derived from the actions of others.

Like, Drew and Tyler had both told me they were done with their schoolwork last week, and I went to check it. . .and guess what????

So, drill sergeant momma is about to arrive again.  And the breakfast above?  It was to put them off balance.  Because, unlike those drill sergeants that scream, “I ain’t yo’ momma!”, I am, in fact, their momma, which gives me a whole additional arsenal at my disposal.


2 comments on “Top of the mornin’ to ya

  1. yum. I made cinnamon buns this morning. Stupid of me. My kids love me, my hips don’t.

  2. Sunshine says:

    LMBO! You are one sneaky chica indeed! I LOVE your style! 😀

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