Did you know?

I don’t normally delve into “politics” and / or laws here on the blog.  (generally don’t care to).

Have you heard of the “new” CPSIA law?

There was a clarification of it, found here, printed 8 Jan 09.

Okay. . .bear with me a minute.

The general gist of this law is that items intended for children under the age of 12 must contain, and be certified that it’s true, less than 600 ppm as of 10 Feb. 2009 in order to be sold.

Go ahead, let this sink in a second.

Maybe I should have said, ALL items intended for children under the age of 12.

Still with me?  (Oh, and before you go running to SNOPES, stay with me for a little bit longer, I’ll take you there myself.)

How ya doin?  Has the scope of this hit you yet?  It took it quite a while to “hit” me, so don’t feel badb if you aren’t getting why I care.

Let’s think on this just a moment.

 — toys, that’s the obvious one
— clothing (how or why they would have lead, I couldn’t imagine, but they are made with machines)
— craft / art supplies
— books

 — there’s more, but I don’t want to take the time, and I think I hit the big ones

Now remember, it must not contain, AND be certified. . .

Shall we go to Snopes?  AND PLEASE don’t just read the “button”!

I honestly can’t believe they answered this way.

The “Claim” is listed as “The new CPSIA law will probit the resale of used items.”

The button says, “False”.

They give the clarification (which I listed above).

And THEN they state, “based on the clarification, that certification is not required of used item retailers, BUT they still are subject to the non-selling law if they aren’t certain whether these items meet the criteria.”

Maybe my logic is off?  If you can only sell things that you are sure, via 3rd party certification, meet the requirements, then doesn’t that pretty much prohibit the resale of used items?

Is my logic off?

Well, it’s entirely possible.  But, it’s not just me.  I’m getting notices now left and right along the lines of “we are reducing our stock due to the looming Feb. 10th date of the CPSIA.


I think this is a stupid law though, it reminds me of prohibition.  I wonder if the gov’t is going to have cruisers going around neighborhoods to catch those having yard / garage sales?

What about linens, that my children use daily, but aren’t marketed for 12 and unders (maybe if I had Barbie or Transformer sheets they would be?).  Or my dishes that I use to prepare foods, that my children eat off of.

My home is a well-known lead danger. . .OMG!  Does that mean people can’t resell their homes???  Oh, no wait, those aren’t targeted for the under 12 group.  Forget the fact that they live there.


I tell you, they ought to ban whatever those people were smokin’ when they came up with that law. . .’cept I’m pretty sure all that stuff has been outlawed.

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4 comments on “Did you know?

  1. Nicole says:

    So you have information I haven’t heard yet. Should I be making my “possible” plans to go to the book store a “definite”? O.K. is book store one word and I gotta feel dumb for leaving a message with an error.

  2. Nicole says:

    This was a good one, implying that the law makers are smoking dope. Can you go to jail for that?

  3. Nicole says:

    If you do, I’ll see you there when I have a table set up at the community yard sale. LOLZ!
    Good night Christine.

  4. Stephenie says:

    This law scares me so badly! I have a lot of friends that make handmade children’s clothes/toys/books/cloth diapers/etc. They will all go out of business if the law isn’t changed soon. SO SAD!

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