I hate school!

In reference to yesterday’s post, I now have some clarification regarding books.  That memorandum was dated Dec ’08, so I’m a little stumped as to why I haven’t seen head nor tail of it before. . .


hmmm, I had a whole post outlined in my head when I went to bed last night. . .

Oh, the little guys and I have started our “1st grade” year.

And NOW I remember what my post was.  I just put up the title, so you actually will have known before you got to this point. . .

Garrett and Mikhail were informing Jay last night of their plans to hide under their bunk beds today in an effort to get out of school; because, they “hate school”.

This does not surprise me.  I hear it every day, from each child, about how much they just utterly “hate school”.

And it was ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE for the longest time, as I would read online about others whose children would declare their love for school.  Thus, I felt like a terrific failure in yet another undertaking of mine.

So, I would work REALLY hard to make school fun.  All sorts of projects, hands on learning, etc.  I even tried to brainwash them singing “I Love School” before every day, that really did not go over well.

Yet, my children would still “hate school”.

And I would hang my head, admitting that I was such a poor example of a homeschooling Mom.  Obviously, I was doing a miserable job, as my childen did not even LIKE school.

But, recently — as in, “last night” when I was laying in bed pondering this — it dawned on me:

I hate school too!

Hold up!  Don’t turn away from reading just yet.  I know some of you are thinking, “Well, no wonder her kids hate it!”  But, I need you to hear me out.  (If for no other reason than you can have a glimpse into the labyrinth that is my brain.)

 Now, I have mentioned before that way back in the dawn of time I served in the Army.  And, in the Army, you do this nasty thing called P.T. (Physical Training).


And worse than that, in PT you had to run.

And I HATED running.  Truly!

But, I discovered a mantra that I would chant to myself whilst huffing and puffing and chugging along, that summed up everything about the act of running so well. . . .

Once begun, halfway done.

Okay, so if you give that statement just a half second of thought you will quickly realize that it did not, in fact, sum up anything about running.

But, it did sum up something else:  my dread of starting something that was being thrust upon me.

See, the running itself wasn’t THAT bad (unless you count those unit runs they do for “morale” which are just plain horrendous), but the idea that someone was going to MAKE me run was just unbearable.

And thus it is with school.  I know, you thought I had completely lost my marbles and gone off on an inexplicable tanget.   I did mention “labyrinth”, right?

It is not that I hate school, or even that my children hate school.  HALLELUJAH!  It is the idea that something is about to be thrust upon us.  Something that will require work and effort on our part.  That is what we “hate”.

And I have proof!  (declared with my finger pointing skyward)

I bought myself a new “toy”, and if I can get on the upstairs computer today, I will try to get my proof put on here.

That said, I need to scurry off of here and start our day.


2 comments on “I hate school!

  1. Laura says:

    I don’t get the daily I Hate School line, although I do bet pushback. But last night (after not letting him go to GameStop because he hadn’t finished his schoolwork for the 3rd day in a row) I did get the “I don’t want to homeschool next year.” line.

    I thought I did a good job saying “OK, we’ll talk about it again in a few days.” instead of “You really want to have to get up that early every day when I can’t get you out of bed before 10 most days?”

    But you are right, I also rebel against being forced to do something that will require work and effort.

  2. se7en says:

    Love this post! Day to day it feels like we hate school too – I think it is the whole dra-aging out of the things they don’t like, a page of math can take two hours… but overall we love it… my kids are starting to chomp after school again… in a reading, discovering kind of a way… not a page a day of math and dictation kind of way!!!

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