Morning Moments

I’ve got to say morning presents some of my favorite moments in the day.

It generally starts around 5 a.m.  Jay gets up either at 10 of or right on the dot, and gets ready for the day.  I spend that time snuggled under the covers, petting one of the cats, usually Razzle, and thinking about my plans for the day.

Now, Jay would love it if I got up with him, but I don’t, because I’ve discovered the man does not know how to whisper, and he’ll chat to me if I’m up.  His chatting will wake the kids, and I honestly don’t feel like dealing with them before 6.

I come downstairs the minute he walks out the door, and grab my coffee (or other hot drink), start the computer, and take a moment to “breathe”.

There is just something SO relaxing about sitting down with a warm mug in your hand and no-one around to interupt the moment.

And then it feels I’m off to the races, for I pull up my email.  I get a lot of email.  Which I don’t necessarily mind, except for the junk, but between 6 & 7 I generally get about 20 more that pop in on top of what I started with.  Meanwhile, I catch up on blogs, forums, etc.

Sometime during that time my youngest, Mikhail, generally makes his way downstairs.  He immediately plops himself down on my lap and snuggles in.  He won’t talk to me for a couple of minutes, as he’s still waking up.  He’s so warm, and I hug him and kiss on him. . .and then he starts getting more and more awake and starts squirming.

After a bit, he’ll say, “Momma please stop,” which I do, and he’ll get off looking all disgusted at me for smooching him so much.  (Only to return tomorrow morning to “play this game” all over again.)

About this time, Garrett will crash downstairs.  It’s funny.  He has a top bunk and it always seems as if he gathers so much momentum getting out of bed that it doesn’t stop till he gets down here.  My lap is immediately claimed again.  He won’t let me kiss him at all, but he loves hugs.  He doesn’t sit still long though, and immediately goes through the list of things he wants to know if he can do.

Then Drew, the 16 yo, comes quietly down the stairs.  He doesn’t take my lap (thankfully), and immediately bypasses me for the food.  In fact, he likes to pretend I don’t exist in the morning. . .well, actually all day.  He mutters a good morning, but that’s about all you’ll get out of him.

As soon as Drew hits this floor all the cats are poised in the kitchen, laying in wait.  He’s their “food guy”.  As soon as he’s done ingesting his breakfast — which may take all of 2 minutes — he’ll go upstairs to feed them, so they wait. . .

Tyler is the last one downstairs.  He’s the loudest too.  Partly because the dog sleeps in his room, and when Tyler leaves so does the dog.  Partly it’s because he hobbles down in the morning, which sounds really loud on the stairs.  He has a “stiff ankle” in the a.m.  He’s had this for years now.  We’ve had it checked out a number of times, including X-rays, but the docs say they can’t find anything wrong.

All the kids tumbling down take place within an hour, eating their breakfasts during this time, the little ones awake and asking a bazillion questions by the time Tyler hits the floor.  And then, suddenly it seems, everyone is gone, and I’m again by myself in the quiet calm of the morning taking a moment to breathe and prepare for the remainder of the day. . .

The day that will shoot by ever so quickly and leave you feeling as if a storm has just passed over.  You walk out at the end to find what the whirlwind has left behind for you to clean up, and wondering what happened to all those plans you concocted in the wee hours.

Yes, I definately like mornings best.

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2 comments on “Morning Moments

  1. I loved reading this! Totally brought you and your mornings and your family to life for me. You described it so… descriptively. (hey, cut me some slack, it’s after 12:30 am…) =)

  2. Sunshine says:

    I love the picture you painted, and having seen your house helps a little too. 😉 I can’t remember which floor the little’s room is on though (I was trying to explain it to A).

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