I did not

fall off the face of the Earth, nor actually leave for my cruise.  (That’s another 4 weeks from now.)

However, I did reach an entire level of panic I did not realize was possible in myself.

For, you see, Jay has said that he will carry on with school whilst I’m away.

Now, there are some homeschooling families where the Dad is quite involved with the schooling.  (There are even some where the Dad IS the teacher.)  There are others where the Dad is not involved with the schooling, but is involved in decision making processes.  There are still others where the Dad listens “about” school.

And, then, there is mine.  Where Dad is ever so grateful for online homeschool communities, so anything related to “school” doesn’t have to be heard by him.

Well, it’s not entirely THAT bad. . .but it’s a pretty darn acurate description.

Thus, the panic.

On top of that, if you will recall, I “graduated” my younger two from Kindergarten.

That move was actually mostly for me.  It was completely mental.  The problem is that I see Kindergarten as a “gentle introduction to letters and numbers”.  Note the lack of “reading” or “math”. Well, I was seeing signs that the gentle introduction time needed to be over and hard-core “1st grade” material inserted. 😉

Thus, I have spent the last week scheduling.  And preparing for two weeks when “Mr. Mom” is also going to be tackling the homeschooling front.

You have NO IDEA how badly I want to wire the house with hidden cameras!  I mean this will be a two-fer!  First, Jay will get a good hard look at what it means to be “mom”, and then he’ll have schooling to boot!!!

He seems to think this will be a piece of cake, and keeps telling me that he’s done this before.

Note, the longest he’s done before is 4 days; and I had most of the meals prepared in advance.

Not that I don’t think he’s entirely capable. . .just sayin’.


3 comments on “I did not

  1. Laura says:

    Oh this should be fun. And all the preparation before you go, he has no idea. And he will manage to do it well, but not at all the way you would do it. I hope the outcomes are all good (like if he decides to get more involved permanently) and I’m really excited about your cruise.

  2. se7en says:

    Oh my word… I used to leave my kids for an hour during school and go to the library while the father person “held the fort”… It was during the time of day we do math and grammar… I said he had to at least be in the same room (policing you know!)… Well he got the policing down pat. No body breathed while he sat as his lap top and surfed… unfortunately nobody worked either!!! Aha! Didn’t mention that you need to do two things at once: police work and schoolwork!

    And yes I do realize that this isn’t the most reassuring comment !!! But think of how lovely it will be for your guys to spend time with their Dad, all that time will last a lifetime of memories – so they won’t be doing nothing, just maybe nothing you expected!

  3. Sunshine says:

    I say install the cameras, and then post the videos. It would be the most amusing and fun thing to watch! (As we see it dawn on his face just how daunting the undertaking REALLY is!) 😉

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