Like my new look?

I do hope so, as that’s about all you’ll be getting out of me today. 😉

Actually, there are a number of items I want to talk about, but for some reason time seems to be escaping me at the moment.

Hmm, don’t think I like that picture, so I’m going to see if I can find another one and then call it quits for the evening.  I’ll try to get time to post something tomorrow.

ETA:  I added a picture from the Keukenhoff (in Holland).  I don’t know that I want to keep it up though. . .

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3 comments on “Like my new look?

  1. Laura says:

    I like the new look! The tulips are great but I would understand if not the long-term choice.
    Thanks for your comment yesterday. Hmmm about sums it up for me too.
    Counting down to the cruise?

  2. Lorri says:

    I LOVE the tulips. How did you do that? I am so not a techie.

    Did you go to the Keukenhof? Isn’t it FABULOUS!

    • corefoundations says:

      Yes, we did go to the Keukenhof. It was very nice, but we went a little early in the year (there were a great number of plats/fields that had plants ready to bloom, but not in bloom yet).

      Anyway, it’s just a photo that was cropped and fit into the header. (WordPress makes it super easy — you upload a photo and they crop it for ya — but you get to pick your area.)

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