I may need a life. . .

So, I went to a women’s church event the other night.  This is a big deal for someone like me, as group situations terrify me.

However, it was called “Chocolate and Chatting”. . .

Who wouldn’t have gone?  I mean, forget the whole “chatting” business!  We’re talking CHOCOLATE!!!

Yeah, you see my point, don’t you?  (But, to be perfectly honest it helped that my good friend Nicole was going too — who “suffers” from “terribly friendly syndrome” and probably felt I was dragging her down the whole evening.)

Anyway, they are attempting to start up a “secret sister” program.  Something I’ve never heard of, but it appears the gist of it is to commit yourself to being a secret AND thoughtful friend to another lady for a period of time.

I didn’t sign up.  Not because I can’t keep a secret and, hopefully, not because I lack all thoughtfulness; rather, because you had to fill out a form. . .and I got “stuck”.

Now, I want you to know I looked around the room, and I saw oodles of women filling out this form with, like, paragraphs of stuff!  I even saw one lady turn her form over to write on the back.  Yeesh!

So, I thought I would try to fill out the form here. . .just so you can see the quandries I deal with in my life.  I’ll put their “cues” in bold, and my answers in regular.

Name: Christine

Address:  This old house, on this quiet street, in this big city, of this great state, z-i-p

Birthday: a day, in a month, of a year

Anniversary (if applicable):  about to hit 19 years

(okay, yes, I could actually fill those out, but not here)

Other special dates:  What would they mean?  The birthdates of your children?  Just random ones?  9/11?

Hobbies:  Hobbies?!  Who has time for hobbies?!  I’m thinking laundry and dishes don’t count.

Interests:  Wasn’t quite sure that was different from hobbies. . .I’ve discovered I have a lot of interests though.  Like, history is awesome!  And I even think sentence diagramming is neat, even though my eldest does better at it than I.  Oh, and did you know that some places don’t teach 7 continents?  Research is nifty.  Oh, and I think I just qualified myself as a nerd. . . Nerds are cool.  “Shame” is a big interest of mine recently (and warrants it’s own, seperate, blog post).  Teaching is fantastic, though I’m terribly glad I don’t teach in schools because I think I would get bored (doing 1st grade over and over and over again would drive me insane).  I find it interesting that boys can never get tired of comparing the contents of the toilet, or gaseous expulsions.  (I could go on, but I think things would just head south.)

Favorite Treats:  Well, this just depends on so many different things.  How can anyone answer this?  Giving it some extra thought though, I don’t think I could ever tire of popcorn.

Favorite Color:  The one that doesn’t show dirt.  Otherwise, I would have to say “green”, because green symbolizes “life” to me.

Favorite Flower:  oooh, ummm.  The “God grown” ones.  You know the ones that pop up outdoors, in the ground and get their water and nourishment and what have you from anything but me.  Because, unlike children, plants don’t inform you when they need something.  Indoor plants are generally not a good idea, as my cats will eat them or, as stated before, they’ll die from lack of care.  Those fake ones are nice, except after a while someone might pop up with the idea that they need to be dusted / de-cobwebbed.  I do like roses, as they symbolize “memories” to me.  And the fact that we don’t have any probably doesn’t have anything to do with my inability to retain a single thought for more than a few moments.

Favorite Animal:  Cats.  (they’re quiet, and not terribly demanding)

Allergies:  “seasonal” (I could go so many directions with this one, but I’ll leave it to your imagination.)

What do you collect?  Bunnies — of the “dust” variety.  I’ve discovered they are “self-populating” too, which makes them all the more easy to collect.

Your decorating style:  Indestructable.  Hello??? 4 boys!

Favorite Store:  One where I can get what I want when I want it.  Or “online”.

Favorite Bible Verse:  Ooof.  This one was asked by another friend of mine. . . I don’t have one.  I know a number of them, but I wouldn’t claim them as “favorites”.  I’ve yet to read one that just jumps out at me, and “claims” me.  And that’s a tidbit about me:  I get “claimed”.  May not make sense to anyone but me, but it’s true.  Something  / someone will strike me (not physically, generally) and ba-da-boom, ba-da-bing that’s IT.  It’s like suddenly realizing you found “home”.

About me (anything else important about yourself that you would like to share):  Okay, they lost me with the word “important”, but for the record I can’t stand strong scents.  If I smell you / your perfume / cologne / laundry detergent and you’re on the other side of the room. . .it’s bad.  It started with my first pregnancy and has only gotten worse.  The really bad thing is that my husband LOVES strong scents.  As in, if he’s on one side of the mall and he can smell something from the other side he’s all giddy.  Problem is, he got sick of seeing his wife run pell-mell to the bathroom with her hand over her mouth. . .so, he stopped wearing cologne.

Prayer Requests:  Reading this may cause some to decide to pray for me to get a life.  I beg that you do no such a thing.  I simply don’t have the time.


4 comments on “I may need a life. . .

  1. Laura says:

    I love it, but it could a little hard to be your secret sister. Let’s see if you gave enough info to be a good SS

    For little gifts: chocolate is great, scented candles or soap are not good. Maybe not a store gift card or any bunnies (since your supply is self-replenishing). Any flower will do, but probably not a living plant that you are responsible for.

    Cards on birthday, anniversary, and as the spirit leads…(since you haven’t provided guidance, it has to come from somewhere).

    Things you are involved in so I can…what – start a conversation with you? but it’s a secret so you can’t know I know all of this about you, maybe to pray for your safety if your hobby is sky diving….. Buy you something to use?
    I’m not sure about purpose of the hobbies or interests questions, but from your answer (and hopefully from attending the same church you do) I would know to pray for patience as you wash the same laundry and dishes over and over, along with all the other prayers that every mother of 4 boys needs.

    Prayer requests – see above.

    Bible verses – as your SS I could share all kinds with you, you may like them all and maybe one or two of them will claim you.

    Ha, I could do it – hand that form in and give some secret sister a wonderful challenge!

  2. se7en says:

    Oh good grief I am so laughing out loud – the entire house is dead quiet – 2am and all that, and I am laughing hysterically… Myself I battle with forms too and generally leave them blank… I find people that typically ask for forms to be filled in don’t seem to have the faintest idea just how many options they are laying available to the wandering mind of a mother of four boys (and three girls!).

  3. Sarah F. says:

    I’m with Laura. You may find out something about yourself.

    Other gift ideas: a journal, fun/nice pens, unscented body stuff (I’m allergic too), gift cards can be used online. Forget the flowers I’d rather give/get something that can be reused, book marks.

    Plus, you would have a SS. Someone you would need to get to know. That would force you to kinda-sorta catch a slight strain of “terribly friendly syndrome.” Iron sharpens iron.

  4. Nicole says:

    Um, I’m thinking. Who is Laura? Did she say she goes to church with you?
    I’m not sure why I didn’t fill out the form. Probably because I am terrible at remembering little sentimental things, actually at remembering anything! I wouldn’t want someone to feel that I didn’t care because I am lousy at keeping up with the thought gifts and birthday and anniversary cards.My daughter (20) totally gets into this. I watch her get so excited about picking out thoughtful gifts, making cards, wrapping ect. I was more like that when I was younger, but today I am trying to remember to give out ample hugs, kisses, and kudos, pick up dinner ingredients, and call about jury duty so I don’t get arrested for not showing up. In the last couple of weeks I’ve been trying to remember to get out of my pajamas by the time my hubby gets home. I’m trying to be spontaneous enough to whip up home made cookies or do a random science experiment–just for fun.
    Being a mom of six (ages 2 to 20) makes it difficult to stay commited to certain things, like secret sisters. I appreciate the ladies who are organizing fun events for out church though. If I can hit a few of these dates, I’ll be in good shape. I really do enjoy getting out with friends which is why it is difficult to get back home once I’m out.

    Favorite Stores– Kohl’s and For This Child

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