Oh. My!

Did you see my “ticker”?!!

I am right at 14 days.  TWO WEEKS!

Holy Toledo!

Of course, I actually knew it was getting close.  Not because of the ticker, nor the fact that my parents and I have been having nearly daily phone calls, but because of my children.

Last night Drew asked me the dates of the cruise, and I gave them to him.

“WHAT!?  Two whole weeks!  I thought this was just a long weekend thing!  You are leaving us with DAD for two whole weeks?!”

This was quickly followed by Tyler’s remark,

“Hey, we could have pizza, from PJ’s, every night for two whole weeks!  Maybe shake it up a bit with Chinese take-out.”

It’s good that perspective is quickly restored in a house of young men.

Then, last night, Jay eyes me from across the dinner table and says,

“We need to come up with a menu of easy to prepare foods for while you’re gone.”

To which I responded,

“Yes, I’m sure you all will have fun with that.”

hee, hee


I have begun vacation preparations in earnest.  Passport is in order.

Yep, that’s about all that’s been done.

Nah, I’m only foolin’ (slightly).  I have seriously considered my priorities for this trip though, so I’ll be preparing in that order. . .or whatever order moves me for the day. . .

I called the doctor’s office yesterday, and got a prescription for motion sickness patches.  Because, I do have a tendency to get sea sick.  I’ve never tried the patches before, so we’ll see how it goes.

I’ve actually been on a cruise before, way back when with Jay.  It was like our 3rd or 4th “honeymoon”.  Hey, I don’t believe in only one wedding, so why on earth would I settle for a single honeymoon?  I recall one of our excursions being a snorkling trip taken on a catamaran.  Oooh, the sea was so rough. . . Snorkling was horrible as the sea was so choppy that the water was all cloudy.  However, if one were to, say, chuck their entire stomach contents overboard — even in choppy seas, one would be blessed to see a massive variety of colorful fish.  (Fish have no shame in what they eat. . .that’s all I’m sayin’!  BLEH!)

Okay, so:

passport — check.

puking patch — check.

Next on the priority list:

We have only one camera in the house, so I did not think it fair to leave the family without one.  Nice of me, hmm?  Plus, the one we currently have is quite bulky. . . .So, I decided on this one.

Part of the reason I decided on this one was because Jay had seen our neice with one, and he fell in love with a feature called “color accent”.

This feature will do something like this:


or this:

Just FYI, the link is to NYC cabs. . .it’s a cool photo, and you should check it out.  The photo is taken from Amazon customer share uploaded by “eva”. 

Pretty darn cool, hmm?   Of course, this is the camera coming with me, so Jay won’t actually be able to appreciate this feature fully.  (Although, he is already planning on using it to take pictures of his beloved car. . .)  I will have to try to remember to use this feature while we are gone. . .  Oh, and I got an 8 GB! card to go with it.  That should be enough space, right?

Next up, I believe, is a haircut.


One comment on “Oh. My!

  1. nicole says:

    Do not let my daughter see this camera. She will be so jealous.
    Ben and I have been enjoying the last few blog posts. And I like the picture for the dining room.

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