Yesterday Was Fun!

I went and had my hair cut, and then went  shopping.  All WITHOUT the benefit of boys in toe, wondering if we were done yet.

It took all of 2 hours. . .because I’m not a shopper, but I have lots of hair (and the loss of length doesn’t necessarily negate that fact).  I had approximately 4+ inches cut off.

I do not know if I like my haircut yet, as I haven’t taken the time to “fix” it.  I knew I was going to be shopping directly after the cut so I just pulled it back.

I have, nearly, an entire new wardrobe that should work for the cruise. . . well, for life in general.  I haven’t had a shopping spree like this since shortly before Garrett was born conceived 7+ years ago.  (That one was more of a necessity as we had lived in the deep south for years, and then moved to colder climates. . .)

My new camera should be arriving today, and I’m starting to pull items and put them on my dresser in an effort to not forget to pack them.  I’d like to get everything into a carry-on.  All because my Grandma arrived at our house once upon a time, yet her luggage did not.  This is creating it’s own problem.  See we bought luggage ages ago when the carry-on space was larger than it is now.  And, of course, our carry-ons were at the max size then.  Who knows, I may not be able to fit the clothes in a carry-on anyway.

You know, I should do a “cast of characters” post; regarding my traveling companions. . .Maybe I’ll pull one together soon.


In other news:

Jay has been slowly plugging away at the dining room.  You can tell he’s reached his “fed-up-with-it” point.  Poor man, he’s been slaving on this project since, I think, July of last year.  The end is definately in sight, but it’s still slow going.

Yesterday, while out, I did find something, that “helps”.

Remember this?

If I recall, that deserved it’s own blog post (but I’m too lazy, currently, to look it up).  One of us, wanted to cover the entire chimney up, and the other wanted to keep it.  Those circles are concrete used to patch holes, they stick out at least 1/2 inch from the chimney.

We’ve been looking for some time for a covering.  Yesterday, I found this:

It “works”, but I don’t know that it’s a keeper.  The good news is that it will work in a couple of different rooms, so if we decide not to use it here, we can use it elsewhere.  It completely covers the circles from the front; yet, from the side, you can still sort of see them.

But, I’m guessing, that’s more because we know they are there.  (That’s Jay, by the way.)

Well, it’s now time to pull the crew together and start our school day.  Have a great one!


3 comments on “Yesterday Was Fun!

  1. nicole says:

    I can’t believe I haven’t seen the new hairdo.

  2. nicole says:

    Post a picture of that new hairdo.

  3. nicole says:

    James wants me to leave a bunch of comments so you’ll get nervous at the quantity.

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