And I find myself having to say. . .


Hmmm, sorry.  Nope, nothing comes to mind.  (And, yes, I do realize that is a double negative, but “Yep, nothing. . .” just doesn’t sound right.)

I have to go to the store for groceries which should give me ample time to come up with *something*.  When I do, I’ll just attach it below.


 Okay. . .

I have a confession, and I’ll just put it out there for all to know.

I don’t like European coffee.  At all.  I find it too “thick”.  Sort of like Starbucks (which I also detest).

But, that’s not the confession.  Nah, it couldn’t be, because what is shameful in that?

Yet, I was thinking, to myself, that I really didn’t want to be on a cruise aboard a European ship with the option of drinking tar-water or dealing with a caffeine withdraw.

Nope, didn’t see either of those as a good option.  Truly, not if I wanted to enjoy myself.

So, I went to the store and bought a bag of decaf coffee, came home and mixed it in with the regular joe and.  . .

and. . .I forgot to tell Jay. . .

Well, the very next day Jay made a comment about having a headache, and I was reminded of my deed.

However, crinkling nose, I STILL didn’t tell Jay!  No-way, no-how was I going to spill the beans about the coffee not being “full-strength”.  (ha, ha, hee, hee — that was an accidental pun)

And, so it’s gone. . .And, today, when I added the decaf coffee to the container, it dawned on me that we must now be at full decaf, or some odd fraction thereof, like 15/16ths or some such.

Now it’s been almost a month and I’m at a loss as to how to bring up the topic.

Yet, I bring it up here, for the purpose of informing my family members who are about to descend upon our home before this trip. . .

There ain’t no caffeine in this here coffee!  😉

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One comment on “And I find myself having to say. . .

  1. se7en says:

    i think it may be too little too late – caffeine that is!!! Hmmm this is a crime of omission to revel the truth… Oh good luck with explaining this one!

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