a bit busy

The next four days are going to be very busy for me.  Well, truly it’s the next 8 days — but, the next 4 I have planned out, and I KNOW they are going to be busy, I just assume the other 4 will be as well.

Again, it’s mostly schoolwork that needs doing.  But, there are other things as well.

For example, the issue with the little guys’ room.  Since we moved here, it has always been a problem room, but it’s gotten worse.  Too much junk clutter.

Now, I have been trying to take things away, but every time I do Jay sticks up for their stuff.  “Honey, you can’t take away their toys!”

Let’s clarify, I don’t want to trash the lot of it. . . Okay, okay, so I do. But, I wouldn’t!  I just want to wean the selections, box up the rest and clear some space.  Then, after a couple of months rotate items from the box to the room.

I used to do it all the time with the older boys, and Jay never said anything.

Hmm, I wonder if that’s because I never told him. . . something to consider.  . .

So, I want to try and attempt to get it cleared out today.  Today is actually the perfect day to do so, as they are grounded from their toys because they spent last night refusing to clean up.

That would make my agenda:  school, boys’ room purge, scheduling, and daily housework.  Well then, doesn’t it sound as if I have a day full of adventure and excitement set before me?

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