Ahh, what the hay

I’ll post twice today. 😉

I think there is a particular gene missing in my family’s gene pool.  It’s the one that allows you to determine if things “match”, or if their colors coordinate.  It truly must be missing, as this is a knack I most certainly DO NOT possess.  It is most certainly related to my other eye problems I’ve mentioned here.

You don’t think so?  hmmm. . .

Well, knowing full well that I have issues, I had asked Jay to help me sort out my clothes for this trip.  Except, that guy, had to go and busy himself with working in the dining room again.

So, I called on a dear friend to come to my rescue, and she did.  Bless her heart!  Little did she know what she was getting into!

After about 2 hours, she helped me transform a pile of 3 slacks, 4 camisoles, and 9 tops into 35 different outfits!  And, it all fits, (very roomily, mind you), into a carry-on.  I believe she got the biggest kick out of the whole experience when I pulled out a sheet of paper and pencil and started writing the combinations down.  I decided it was necessary to write this all down after the umpteenth 2nd time she mentioned something along the lines of, “Ooooh, I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”  These are all now typed up and printed off, thankyouverymuch!

I’m not 100% sure, but the poor gal may have been seen running from my home this evening.


So, Jay followed through on his “threat” to get caffeinated coffee this morning.  In fact, when he arrived at church after having drank a large cup, he was offered another. . .which he took.

This is worthy of mention because when he got home he kept going on about how his eyes were all jittery, and his hands were a bit shaky.  OH!  And guess who had a nap this afternoon because they just “couldn’t keep [their] eyes open one minute longer”?  One would think that he wouldn’t like that feeling, but when I offered my friend some coffee this afternoon he made a big to-do about it being decaf.  Haven’t heard him say he wants anymore regular today though. . .

One comment on “Ahh, what the hay

  1. Nicole says:

    Maybe you should pack that cat!

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