This Momma’s packin’

That is a totally accurate statement!  Just happens to be a suitcase. . .

And, I got camera happy.

So, I set all my clothes out, then had to get on a stool for a good angle (cuz I’m short), turned around and took the shot. . .

Some little girl is rather speedy!  This is Razzle, my night-time / morning companion.  She’s a sucker for sweaters, kind of like me, but I’d really rather her stay off of them.  So, this is my selection for the trip.  Well, this and the stuff hiding in the suitcase already.  (Figure, if they are “unmentionable” they shouldn’t be seen, either. 😉 )

After shooing her off, you can see what she was hiding:

My friend Nicole discovered that I would have some free-time on the cruise, so offered me some reading material that is NOT school related.  Pretty nifty, hmmm?  Additionally, see the spiral bound silver book?  That’s my “blog” for this trip.  So, I can update everyone when I return.

In this corner, you can see my snacks.  After doing much flying I can tell you I’m not generally keen on airline food.  This is my emergency stash.  And gum!  You’ve got to have gum whilst traveling long distances in a plane.  It keeps you from having that yucky dry-throat-I-might-be-coming-down-with-something feeling.  Plus, it gets rid of the “fuzzy teeth”.  Oh, and that gray box is my camera battery recharger.  About the same size as my camera.  And under it is the user-manual.  Thought I’d actually try to read one for once.

That stinker!

Well, there’s a sure-fire way to fix this problem.

I haven’t even started “squishing” yet!  Will still need to add the toiletries, of course.  (And, just in case you think I had forgotten, this suitcase is extendable, and I’ve plenty of room for souvenirs!)  Oh, and that piece of paper?  My list that I told you about the other day (just in case you thought I was foolin’).  And Razzle?  She’s attacking the luggage!  Go figure!


2 comments on “This Momma’s packin’

  1. se7en says:

    Oh this is all so daunting, exciting but daunting… rather you than me!

  2. Laura says:

    Very exciting! Looks like you are well prepared. Time has flown, I cannot believe how close the cruise is. I’m looking forward to the pictures and descriptions.

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