And today, things start hoppin’

My parents arrive here this evening.  Before then I need to do the grocery run, school, and house cleaning (the FULL house).  (Yesterday, we did manage to get the house essentially picked up, so it’s  jus the cleaning today.)

Oh, and if there’s time, I have to finish the scheduling, organize the school stuff for Jay (still need to explain it to him), and grade papers (which I’m really behind on).  mmmm-hmmmm  Yep, that’s sure to happen!

When my folks arrive, and after we enjoy a dinner, we’ll have to finish up our plans for the 1st leg of our journey.

Mikhail is still sleeping.  Given his mood yesterday, I want to allow him to sleep as long as humanly possible.  Poor kiddoe had a nightmare last night too, and wound up in bed with me.

I think tomorrow I shall do a “cast of characters” post.  It will give me today to consider what I’m going to say.  You know, with my copious amounts of free time.

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One comment on “And today, things start hoppin’

  1. Lizardbreath says:

    You are going to have so much fun!!!

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