Cruisin’ Cast

 Just so you know, my Daddy thought I should title this: “Castaway Companions”. . .

Which leads me directly into my Grandmother.  If you don’t get the “link” then you most assuredly need to read the post linked here!

Prayers for ourselves and our unsuspecting shipmates would be greatly appreciated by all!

 This would be my Grandma.  Poor gal, I got this shortly after she arrived here, after spending a good portion of the day traveling.

My Grandma has become quite the world traveler!  This has only happened in the last 15 years or so.

Grandma has taken “worrying” to an art form.  This is a trait that seemed to skip a generation and land squarely on me, her first grandchild.  Yet, I still have not developed it to the levels she has.  She would be the Michelangelo of worrying; and I, a mere paint by number wanna-be.  But, do not make the mistake of  comparing “fretting” to “worrying”.  There is a difference!  (I’m not a 100% sure what that is yet, but she frequently assures me that she was not “fretting”, merely “worrying”.)  However, one thing to say that should be clear from the above linked post, she does not let her worrying prevent her from trying new things.  That makes her awesome in my book. 

Grandma  makes the world best fried okra and fried chicken.  She makes an awfully mean pot roast too.  (Which is a little concerning as it’s currently what the crock pot is working on for tonight’s dinner.)  Not that this will affect the cruise one way or the other, but it’s just something I remember.

Grandma is known as “Miss Margaret” by those who love and admire her dearly but don’t have the benefit of being blood kin.  I have to tell you, knowing that makes me feel spectacular when people call me “Miss Christine”.  None of this Mrs. Last-name business for me!  (That’s okey-dokey with Jay as well, as long as he’s “Mr. Jay”.)

She has the prettiest laugh. . .

The next of my compadres is Uncle J.  (And I don’t have a recent picture of him.)

How to describe him?  He’s a virtual vagabond.  He does have a home, but he travels so extensively for work and pleasure that he’s not frequently there.  But, what I always remember most about him, and what my children know him for. . .

That man can EAT!  and eat, and eat, and eat

 In fact, that is something that I will be blogging about, because it is so darn interesting.  Well, my teens are just awe of his eating prowess, anyway.  I do know that while we are on the ship I’ve been told to expect lots of exercise in betwixt meals.  Uncle J does this to ensure he’ll have room for the next meal (and to keep his weight down).

 I’ve done a number of trips with him as a child; it will be interesting to see him through the eyes of a “mature” adult.

This is my Daddy.  And it is absolutely imperative you add the -dy.  Don’t ask me why, but I just don’t see him as “Dad”.

Daddy can be quite patient; which is a huge blessing in our family (and a rare commodity).  He’s very methodical which equates to V-E-R-Y S-L-O-W.  When he gets frustrated, depending on the level you’ll either get a grim / stern face or an outright scowl.  Generally, though, I consider him mighty dignified.  He’s a fabulous hugger.  Not that *you* would get one from him.  I get my reserve from him.  You’ll just have to take my word for it, that he’s a great hugger.

He makes happy “noises” when he eats.  And this is truly hilarious, because he honestly doesn’t make ANY noise, it’s more facial expressions, but we call them “noises”.  You can tell when he’s enjoying his food!

Both he and my Mom are very thoughtful and considerate.  Not only in relation to the feelings of others but in their mental processes as well.  For instance, Daddy “kicks tires” (looking for a new car) and it takes about 2 years.


This is my Mom.  Note the lack of -my.  Just another of my many quirks.

She’s the one person on this planet who faithfully reads my blogs.  And she laughs every time I mention one of my “genetic” traits, (i.e. here), as she can almost assuredly trace them back to herself.

Patience, or more precisely, the lack thereof, is definitely a trait passed on from her.  And, my tack.  . . Hey, Mom, you notice all the traits I can come up with are all “lacking”?  We have good traits, right?

My mother is a Planner Extraordinaire!  In fact, she’s the one that did most of the planning of this trip.   I want to be like her when I grow up!  She also has this ability to make people “feel good”.  She can be so positive!  She’ll tell you, that you’re a fantastic mother, and your kids are so darn smart cuz you homeschool them, and you’re a great cook.  I love her!  She’ll also remind you to view things from multiple angles.  Drove me nuts growing up, but now I sure appreciate that outlook.

 I’m afraid I can’t possibly do justice to those I love on this post.  It just isn’t possible.  Know that we are all fairly well-seasoned travelers (I probably least of all).  And, I hope to have some great memories / pictures / posts at the end of this journey.

One final picture:

 It’s been awhile since Jay and I had a picture where we are both in it, thought I would share.


2 comments on “Cruisin’ Cast

  1. Lizardbreath says:

    I like your family. I also have a Dad-dy, but I have a Moma. We also love Miss/Mr. First Name. I think it’s a southern thing. Have fun!

  2. Laura says:

    I love the pictures and descriptions. I also love fried okra – I have great respect for anyone who makes good fried okra.
    It sounds like you are set to have a great time.
    You and your family (on the cruise and back at home) are in my prayers.

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